Meghan Markle asked Prince Harry to go to ‘therapy’ after he spoke ‘harshly’

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry married in 2021

Meghan Markle has given Prince Harry heartfelt advice after a ‘touching’ row.

The Duke of Sussex opens up about a fight with his wife in his memoir ‘Spare’, which caused him to return to therapy.

He recalled being “disproportionately, carelessly angry” with Markle, addressing her “pretty harshly” so that “everything in the room [came] off.

After going “full 15 minutes apart”, Harry and Meghan spoke again.

“She was quiet, but said in a calm and even tone that she would never stand being spoken to like that,” Harry wrote. “I nodded.”

“It was coming from somewhere deep inside me, somewhere that needed to be dug up, and it was obvious that I would need help with the job,” Harry recalled. “’I tried therapy,’ I told him. “Willy told me to go. I never found the right person. [It] did not work.

Markle replied, “No. …Try again.”

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