Meghan Markle and Zoe Saldana Allegedly Clash at Studio Door as Zoe Declines Meghan’s Podcast Guest Invitation: Tensions Arise

Meghan Markle is making her return to the podcasting world in February 2024. Lemonade Media has taken over from Spotify and will now distribute Meghan's podcast, “Archetypes,” across all major podcast platforms. Additionally, Meghan is collaborating with the company on a new podcast, which she will also host. In a statement shared on a website, Meghan expressed her enthusiasm for this new venture, highlighting her support for a female-founded business and its line of thought-provoking and entertaining podcasts as a fantastic way to start 2024. Meghan referenced to the new project. as a dynamic podcast, but details regarding its genre or content have not yet been revealed.

Despite the anticipation surrounding the new podcast, there are signs that it might not do well. Negative comments flooded Lemonade's Instagram post about the collaboration, indicating skepticism about Meghan's podcasting abilities. Additionally, Meghan's track record on podcast projects, including “Archetypes,” hasn't been great, raising doubts about the success of her new venture. Hollywood stars reportedly declined Meghan's invitation to be guests on her podcast, also suggesting potential challenges in attracting notable figures for interviews.

Rumors suggest Meghan may have contacted Zoe Saldana about being a guest, but there has been no response. Zoe's status as one of Hollywood's hottest actors, with a strong box office ranking and an impressive filmography, highlights the potential difficulty Meghan could face attracting high-profile guests. Additionally, past incidents, such as Meghan's PR team's alleged fabrication of a friendship with Zoe, could further complicate matters.

The controversy surrounding Meghan's association with Lemonade Media and her attempts to revive her Hollywood career through podcasting is unlikely to impress the industry. Despite her connections to people like Tyler Perry, Ellen DeGeneres and Kris Jenner, Meghan's reputation in Hollywood appears to be on the wane. The suggestions for potential interviewees, such as Ari Emanuel's ex-husband and Lauren Sanchez, highlight the challenges Meghan may face in finding guests willing to appear on her podcast. Overall, Meghan's foray into podcasting with Lemonade Media is met with skepticism and uncertainty about her potential success in the industry.


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