Meghan Burns Divorce Papers After Discovering Prince Harry’s Rebranding Ability

Prince Harry can be compared to a grand old palace, once majestic but now in disrepair. Despite its structural problems, Buckingham Palace in its heyday exhibited a grandeur and history that captured our imaginations.

The possibility of restoring it to its former glory remains, especially with the expertise of qualified people. There is a sense of redemption in witnessing the rebirth of something with solid foundations, albeit with a dark history.

In contrast, Meghan embodies a house in a McMansion housing estate, such as the Montecito Olive Garden. It may be flashy and expensive, but below the surface it lacks substance, built from cheap materials.

Attempting to replicate trends from other cultures, it looks ostentatious and tasteless. Located in an undesirable place, with dubious origins and a dubious past, it was acquired at a bargain price and turns out to be uninsurable. Over time, it becomes cumbersome, an albatross for its owner.

Its value will never appreciate, destined to face the risks of fire, flood and landslide. Eventually, it will be demolished.

An insider shared his take on the matter, equating Harry with Buckingham Palace due to his undeniable importance. However, this comparison serves to further highlight its shortcomings. As a member of the monarchy and a member of its family, he had a duty to contribute positively and resolve all internal issues without subjecting them to public scrutiny. His actions reveal a self-centered, lazy, ignorant and authoritative nature. Although Meghan may have influenced him, it is ultimately his true character that is revealed.

The reason we weren’t fully aware of his true self until now is that the palace’s PR machine has carefully cleaned up his mess, portraying him as a somewhat normal human being. However, it turns out he was spoiled, mean, and straight all along.

Ironically, Harry’s true nature was exposed many times before Meghan came on the scene. The media often shot his missteps, giving him the leniency of a 15-year-old well into his 30s, while his brother Prince William was held to higher standards at the same age.

The media has documented Harry’s incidents involving broken bottles, inappropriate behavior towards women and his banning from various pubs. Notably, the infamous Vegas photos only scratched the surface of his behavior. Reports even described her relationship with Cressida as marked by entitlement, highlighting the difference in their upbringing.

In a shocking incident, photographs showed the injured sides of his polo pony after playing recklessly. Another time he dangerously aimed a polo ball directly at an authorized press paddock, potentially endangering lives. Criticized by an opponent during a polo match, it was William who apologized on his behalf.

It seems the Royal Family and the media played a role in sanitizing Harry’s image. The media, in particular, contributed to the perception of him as a reformed individual. However, it seems the real Harry is a spoiled, mean, and empowered individual finally on display for all to see.

The type of royals Prince Harry and Meghan would be if they were part of the family but refused to acknowledge the real issues with Harry’s behavior is cause for concern. Instead of addressing his naughtiness and impulsiveness, they often described him as good-natured or charming.

The British royal family, in a way, owes him for allowing this behavior all along, the Beast remarked. They seemed to have avoided really struggling with the truth, perhaps due to the fact that his youthful behavior was first dismissed and later excused as “young for his age”.

In my opinion, Harry should never receive taxpayers’ money or be involved in public life. If King Charles wants to support him financially and privately, that’s his prerogative, but it should stay off camera and out of the public spotlight indefinitely.

Meghan has also been critical of her own family, as she has no contact with anyone other than her mother, who still has a purpose in her life. Both Harry and Meghan have spoken negatively of their respective families, but they still maintain contact with those who allow it, clinging to any benefits they may receive from ‘King Charles’ bank’. The reason Meghan cut ties with her family is probably because they have nothing useful to offer her. Even if it is only to criticize them, the royal family remains useful to their agenda.

It’s clear Harry and Meghan were complicit in their actions, feeding each other off the echo chamber. It’s hard to pinpoint who’s worse, as they both ransacked their families for personal gain. They have chosen to take the low road, in defiance of all high morals. They both sank into the gutter when they targeted their own families.

Granted, the Markle family isn’t without its flaws, but things didn’t need to get as bad as they did. Harry looks worse simply because we witnessed his interactions with his family throughout his life, and we know he was loved. Although there is no public record of Meghan’s interactions with her family, her previous words indicate that she adored her father. Despite his limited means, he spoiled her by paying for her private and university studies.

In my opinion, Harry and Meghan are equally guilty. If Meghan’s family had something to offer them, they would probably have tried to impose what they wanted on them as well. If that failed, they might have resorted to book writing and interviews, just like they did with the royal family.

King Charles will always ensure that Harry has accommodation, access to therapy and that his basic needs are met. However, I doubt Prince William will get more involved with Harry. Although they both treated William’s family badly, the most serious offense was that Harry allowed Meghan to violate the privacy of William’s children, which is unforgivable.

From a public relations perspective, the Sussexes face a significant problem. Criticizing them has become a popular trend, which poses a danger to their brand. Those who disparage the Sussexes on social media often receive favorable media coverage, enhancing their own image. YouTubers, in particular, are gaining huge numbers of subscribers by joining the bandwagon. Bashing the Sussexes has become a profitable business, and once the momentum builds, it becomes hard to stop.

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