Meet Meg Otanova of Disconnect: The Wedding Planner, Age and Net Worth

Before the age of 30, Nollywood actress, Meg Otenwa, is still no closer to tying the knot after her recent opening up about problems due to early marriage.

Meg Otenwa of Disconnect: The Wedding Planner is a Nigerian-born actress of Nollywood, the Nigerian version of Hollywood, and an entrepreneur.

Meg is a well known and loved actress in Nigeria and Hollywood for her work. The actress was a banker before entering the entertainment industry.

Otenwa has been working at the African Development Bank for a long time. Later, after being dismissed from a production company, the actress quit her job and started pursuing a career in Nollywood around 2011.

The talented movie star grew up in the middle belt of Nigeria in a very tight-knit family with nine siblings.

Meg has been a language lover since childhood. She speaks Yoruba, French, Hausa, Idoma and several Spanish languages.

And when she finished studying at university, she learned French, which is her fifth official language. After that, she worked in the financial sector, serving the Nigerian government for a justified period.

But her passion and enthusiasm for learning new things never stopped; After debuting in Nollywood, the actress later appeared in short-lived TV shows and played several significant roles.

Meg Otanova’s upcoming film is Netflix’s Disconnect: The Wedding Planner. The film is set to hit theaters on January 13, 2023.

The one-hour-and-26-minute film began to attract the attention of moviegoers.

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Age of actress Meg Otanova

Meg Otanova’s real date of birth is nowhere to be found online, and she has not revealed her age anywhere.

But according to several sources, her age is around 28 years old, which leads to the conclusion that she was born around 1994 or 1995 on February 14th.

The young lady is very beautiful, artistic and creative, blessed with enthusiasm and passion.

The former banker and entrepreneur has carved a niche for herself in the Nigerian movie industry. She was born to Nigerian national parents, but no details about her parents are shared or disclosed.

Nollywood Mag Otenwa with her family and friends in 2020. (Source: Instagram)

Meg’s ethnicity is reported to be mixed, and she belongs to a polyglot family, a family that speaks more than one language.

And because of her Nigerian family background, no doubt, the actress herself also has Nigerian citizenship. The 28-year-old is not about to stop playing and is still flourishing.

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Is Meg Ottenwa married? Her husband’s details

According to reports, Meg Otanova is still single. The young artist is nowhere to be seen tying the knot with anyone yet. Moreover, the actress is not even seeing or dating anyone.

So, all in all, it can be concluded that the gorgeous lady is single as of now. Otenwa shared crucial information about the challenges her mother faced from society when she gave birth to her.

Marrying under the age of 30 puts women under social pressure, according to Meg Otenwa’s mother’s experience and perspective.

and Utnawa
Meg Otanova on the red carpet in 2018. (Source: Instagram)

Speaking to a Nigerian news channel, the actress said that marriage before a certain age leads women to panic and feel stressed.

For these reasons, it will likely take a long time for word of her wedding to spread. Along with these statements, the actress has often played roles on how women are oppressed in Nigeria by the Nigerian society itself.

Meg Otanova Net Worth: Salary Updated

Cutoff: The Wedding Planner star is expected to have a net worth of around $200,000 to $500,000. Although there are no reliable sources available to verify the properties.

Before the actress transitioned to Nollywood with her Dance movie debut in 2011, she pursued her career as a financial professional, specifically a banker. Otnawa was earning a good income even then.

Meg is a highly educated artist. She graduated from Ahmedou Bello University, where she earned her degree in English, and then went on to earn a Masters in HRM at TIME University, Tunisia.

Moreover, she even has an MBA from France. And only through education, the young lady could live a prosperous life.

And currently, working full-time in the Nollywood movie industry, the actress has earned much more fame and money. Meg’s career serves as her main source of income.

Meg Otnawa net worth
Mag Otnawa poses (source: Instagram)

She takes an average fee of $50,000 per film or role. Moreover, she earns through brand promotion and endorsements.

The self-proclaimed humanitarian and entrepreneurial lady has a whopping 77k followers on her Instagram. There she publishes and promotes her films and interesting things.

From her pictures you can assume that she earns good money and lives a luxurious life.

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