Lizzie’s Statement on Meghan Markle’s Divorce Plot Amid Sussexes Split Rumor

Lizzie Speaks Out on Meghan Markle’s Divorce Rumor Amid Sussexes Split
Allegations. Former close friend of Meghan Markle, Lizzie Cundy, has recently
shared her thoughts on the rumored relationship strain between Meghan and Prince

 Reports suggested that the couple, who tied the knot in 2018, have been
living separate lives, with Harry even having a room in a nearby hotel due to
their growing distance. Meghan’s increased time in Central L.A. further fueled
speculations of a split.

Addressing the divorce rumors, Lizzie expressed her opinion on the couple’s
relationship. She spoke about the challenges that come with being a royal,
highlighting the difference between being a celebrity princess and a royal

Lizzie believed that Meghan wasn’t fully prepared for the demands of being a
royal, as it required hard work and dedication to fulfill various roles, such
as opening hospitals and performing other duties.

Lizzie’s candid comments echoed her previous statements to Grazia in 2021,
where she mentioned Meghan’s desire for fame. Speculations of a potential
split gained traction on social media, with rumors circulating about Meghan
filing for divorce, seeking a substantial settlement and full custody of their
son, Archie. Anonymous tips on an Instagram gossip account further fueled the
fire, claiming that the couple had sold their Montecito mansion, and Harry was
living elsewhere.

While Meghan and Lizzie were close pals in the past, their friendship has
since waned. They first met in 2013 when Lizzie was seated with Meghan at a
charity event, arranged by a mutual friend. At that time, Meghan was
interested in a role on the show “Made in Chelsea,” and Lizzie tried to set
her up with Ashley Cole.

Since their wedding, Meghan and Harry relocated from the UK to California
after stepping down as senior working members of the royal family in 2020.
Their decision sparked controversies, with the couple making several bombshell
revelations, including allegations of racism within the royal family and
financial struggles.

In recent months, the Sussexes faced professional setbacks, including the
termination of their multi-million pound deal with Spotify, leading to the end
of Meghan’s podcast. Despite the challenges, the couple continues to navigate
life away from the traditional royal fold.

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