Lilibet Has Never Been to the UK

Meghan Markle revealed that their daughter Lilibet, who was just six months old at the time, had yet to travel to the UK during her and Harry's interview with Oprah. Meghan lamented Lilibet's lack of interaction with the Queen and other members of the royal family. But according to recent sources, Lilibet has already visited the United Kingdom. According to sources close to the royal family, Lilibet actually visited the UK in June, just around the time of the Queen's platinum jubilee celebrations. During this trip, Lilibet turned one, but Meghan and Harry kept quiet and didn't post any photos online. They decided to keep it a secret because they didn't want to distract from the Queen's historic achievement. Tensions within the family after their interview may have contributed to this choice.

It's possible that because the Oprah interview was recorded before the June trip, Meghan neglected to mention Lilibet's visit. It was technically correct that Lilibet had not been to the UK at the time of the interview. But according to palace insiders, Meghan's words may have inadvertently given the false impression that Lilibet had not been there when the interview aired.

The story Meghan previously told that the royal family was unaccepting of her children is being called into question by the revelation of Lilibet's secret visit. This implies that Meghan and Harry had different expectations than what Meghan said in the interview and that they intended to have as much privacy as possible during their vacation. Additionally, there are rumors that Prince Harry spent valuable family time with Lilibet during his private meetings with Prince Charles and the Queen while he was in England for the Jubilee.

It's important to remember that neither Harry nor Meghan have officially acknowledged Lilibet's alleged visit or meeting with members of the royal family, and have made no comment. Nonetheless, these stories have been confirmed by several sources affiliated with the royal family.

The ongoing interactions between Harry, Meghan and the royal family are further complicated by the possibility that Meghan's claims will be refuted. As for whether they and their children will spend Christmas in the UK, there is still speculation. It's unclear whether they will release any information or images of a possible Christmas trip to England, given their previous tendency to spend the holidays with Meghan's mother in California.

This period is notable as the royal family usually gathers at the Sandringham Estate around Christmas. Harry and Meghan's decision to travel could be influenced by the fact that Christmas falls on a Sunday this year.

Meghan's ongoing interaction with the royal family and media takes on a new dimension with the possible rebuttal of her claims regarding Lilibet's trip to the UK. It will be interesting to see how these events unfold over the coming weeks, whether they celebrate Christmas in England or not.

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