Lady Gaga’s Assistant Files Lawsuit for Unpaid Overtime

Pop sensation Lady Gaga has been named in a lawsuit brought by her former assistant Jennifer O’Neill, who claimed that during her 13 months on the job she was treated like a slave to the singer.

O’Neill is unhappy that Mermaid Touring Company made her a slave to Gaga during her days as an employee, demanding the cost of overtime she claimed to earn,

Among the things O’Neill used as an example of how she worked really hard for Gaga was fetching a towel after GaGa showered and keeping the singer on schedule.

She specifically said in the lawsuit that her job was to “provide a quick towel after a shower and act as a personal wake-up call to keep Gaga on schedule.”

O’Neill also claimed she had to serve Gaga in “stadiums, private jets, beautiful hotel suites, yachts, ferries, trains and tour buses.” As an assistant, she was told to be on Gaga’s side and call her at “the first waking hour.”

O’Neill is now asking for $380,000 in overtime for the 7,168 overtime hours during his 13 months of employment.

She did not name Gaga as a defendant, but the singer’s rep said the lawsuit was “completely without merit.”

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