Lady C Takes Down Meghan Markle’s Attempt to Overshadow Monarchy with Exposed Plan

It seems a storm is brewing at the royal court, with our dear new King Charles and his loyal subjects finding themselves at odds with the Duchess of Defiance herself, Meghan Markle. The source of the tensions? Meghan’s apparent disregard for her place in the royal hierarchy.

According to rumors from my secret palace informants, Meghan and Harry’s recent trip to Nigeria, under the guise of an Invictus Games anniversary celebration, ruffled more than a few feathers. Although the tour was billed as a humanitarian endeavor, it had all the hallmarks of a classic royal publicity stunt, with photo ops, meet-and-greets and plenty of fanfare.

But it seems not everyone was impressed by Meghan and Harry’s globe-trotting antics. Enter Lady Colin Campbell, a pillar of aristocracy and fierce defender of royal tradition. Lady Colin and her ilk were quick to condemn Meghan’s apparent attempts to upstage the monarchy with her Hollywood antics.

From Lady Colin’s perspective, Meghan’s actions are nothing short of betrayal: a brazen attempt to usurp the throne and rewrite the rules of royal propriety. But while Lady Colin and her fellow aristocrats may call Meghan’s behavior scandalous, others see it as nothing more than a desperate bid for relevance in the ever-changing landscape of celebrity culture.

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