Kristen Bell apologizes to a fan for this scene from “The Woman of the House…”

Kristen Bell apologizes to a fan for this sex scene from “The Woman of the House…”

Kristen Bell replied to a fan that she said she had a very awkward moment watching the sx scene of “The Woman Across The Street From The Girl In The Window”

Actress Kristen Bell has apologized to a Netflix user after having an uncomfortable experience during Netflix’s new series, potentially the longest title winner in history, ‘The Woman Through the Girl’s House in the House”. the window’.

In the new show, available on Netflix from January 28, Kristen’s character Anna has a very passionate sex scene with Rex, who is played by Benjamin Levy Aguilar.

It had only been a few hours since ‘The Woman in Front of the Girl in the Window’ was released when a Twitter user named Eric revealed what it was like when he saw the sex scene with his mother. and his girlfriend.

“The woman in the house across the street” and her sex scene

Kristen Bell apologizes to a fan for this scene from "The woman of the house..."

Eric wrote in his tweet, “I just saw Kristen Bell get completely mugged with my girlfriend and my mom in the same room…”

After seeing the tweet, Kristen responded to Eric with an apology that didn’t seem so serious, as apparently the 41-year-old actress found the situation, beyond being uncomfortable, extremely funny.

“Hahahahaha sorry buddy,” Kristen tweeted. Eric then jokingly responded to Kristen’s apology, tweeting, “You need to apologize to my mom right now.”

The communication stopped there and we no longer knew what had happened when Eric saw the scene, but it must be said that this type of situation is extremely common when we watch Netflix series in the company of relatives. UOS!

Cast of “The Woman of the House Opposite”

The Netflix original series, as complex as its name, stars Kristen Bell, Tom Riley, Benjamin Levy Aguilar, Mary Holland, Michael Ealy and Christina Anthony.

Kristen Bell plays Anna, a woman caught in the monotony who has a habit of sitting and staring out the window while life passes by her, very well accompanied by a glass of wine. In the background, we have a mother who lives tormented by the loss of her daughter and her subsequent divorce.

When handsome Neil and his daughter Emma move in across the street, Anna thinks she’s witnessed a murder, but the show casts doubt on her, and therein lies her charm.

The story is told in 20 episodes from which we can expect everything: from comedy to thriller, the genres combine to generate addictive entertainment in which it is difficult to know if we are facing a story full of suspense or to an absolute satire of the genre.

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