King Charles and William Won’t Back Down

According to a recent report, an expert has warned Meghan Markle and Prince Harry of King Charles and Prince William’s resolve, and the potential consequences if they don’t change their approach to the Royal Family.

The expert, former royal butler Grant Harrold, said the couple will need to shift their focus from their current PR strategy to “trying to heal” their relationship with the Royal Family following the coronation of King Charles.

Harrold warned that failure to do so could lead to long-term conflict with the institution, as the family have demonstrated they will not back down.

Harrold’s warning comes in response to the couple’s recent public criticism of the Royal Family. In a Netflix series and memoir released after Queen Elizabeth’s death, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex appeared to blame Prince William and Kate Middleton for their decision to step down as senior royals.

Prince Harry’s memoir ‘Spare’, published in January, contained explosive allegations against his brother and other members of the British royal family.

After the book was published, there was speculation that King Charles would not invite Harry and Meghan to his coronation. However, the King eventually decided to invite them as he thought Harry’s absence would cause more problems than his presence.

Overall, Harrold’s warning underscores the need for the couple to rethink their approach to the Royal Family and seek to mend relations if they hope to avoid further conflict.

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