Kim Kardashian Still Makes $360,000 Every Year for Her 2007 S-x Tape

Kim Kardashian may be a very powerful businesswoman these days, but there was a time when she was a rising reality TV star, looking for her big break. In the early 2000s, Kardashian was best known as the best friend of socialite Paris Hilton – a stunning brunette beauty with a penchant for fashion.

However, she rose to instant fame in 2007 after the release of a homemade sx tape she made with her then boyfriend Ray J. Kardashian admitted to being mortified by the sx tape. That said, there’s no doubt that it helped make her a star, and these days she’s still collecting royalties from the tape.

When was Kim Kardashian’s sx tape released?

In 2007, Kardashian was a rising socialite, doing her best to make a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Raised in a high-profile family, Kardashian was often seen side-by-side with Hilton, appearing at nightclubs and parties in and around Los Angeles.

However, Kardashian finally gained notoriety through the release of a leaked sx tape in March 2007.

The tape, which Kardashian made with her former boyfriend Ray J, was released by Vivid Entertainment. Kardashian reportedly turned to her mom (as well as BFF Hilton) for advice, and the infamous mom ended up settling with Vivid for $5 million.

Just months after the tape leaked, Keeping Up with the Kardashians made its television debut – prompting many critics to claim that Kardashian herself orchestrated the tape’s release as a marketing ploy to boost her popularity. new reality show.

What do Kim Kardashian’s family members think of her sx tape?

While Kardashian would later admit to being “embarrassed” by the release of her sx tape, saying the tape made it even harder for people to take her seriously as an artist, she was transparent that her family was always favorable.

“They didn’t pass judgment. Sometimes things happen that can be shocking and it feels like the end of the world for a while. But as a family, we know we will always be there for each other no matter what,” Kardashian admitted in an interview with David Letterman.

Kris Jenner, in particular, was able to help her daughter use the situation to her advantage, orchestrating a deal that saw Kardashian earn monetary gain from the leaked sx tape, while keeping the family calm and serene. It could be because Jenner admitted to doing her own sx tape in the past — but regardless, it was her actions that helped her daughter through what could have been a very damaging time.

Kim Kardashian and Ray J still make money with their 2007 sex tape

These days, Kardashian is a very powerful businesswoman, with several established brands and a huge social network. Her net worth is said to be $1.4 billion, an income she generates from numerous streams of income. One of those streams is his sx cassette from 2007.

According to Cinema Blend, Kardashian and Ray J still make an annual sum from the sx tape, around $360,000 each. Additionally, Vivid Entertainment called Kardashian one of their best draws to date.

As for Kardashian’s feelings about the tape, she accepted it, deeming her life “complicated” but admitting that overall her life is pretty great.

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