Katie Holmes missing a tooth as she shoots new movie All We Had in NY

The actress cut her hair for a new role in the adaptation of Annie Weatherwax

Katie Holmes has lost a tooth while filming her new film All We Had in New York

The actress cut her hair for a new role in the adaptation of Annie Weatherwax

We’re used to seeing Katie Holmes looking polished and stylish on the red carpet – but the actress left Hollywood glamor behind in new All We Had and looked scruffy on the set of New York this week.

Katie – who stars in and directs the film – showed her gaping smile on set of the film and while it might not be the most glamorous role, she’s clearly having fun.

The star was pictured laughing with her co-star, 17-year-old actress Stefania Owen – who plays her daughter in the film – in New York and looked like she was throwing herself into the film adaptation.

Dressed in flared jeans, a plaid shirt and minimal makeup, the brunette was makeup-free as she showed off her new shoulder-length brunette locks, which she had cut for the role.

Based on the novel by Annie Weatherwax, All We Had is set in the aftermath of the financial meltdown of 2008 and follows single mother Rita Carmichael as she begins a new life in small town Ohio.

A single mom starting her life over isn’t exactly a stretch for the 36-year-old actress, who shares custody of her own nine-year-old daughter Suri with Tom Cruise, though we doubt she’s ever needed to wait tables in the wake of his split, like his character Rita.

Katie has become the latest Hollywood star to make the jump from film to TV after joining Ray Donavon’s cast.

The star joined the cast for the third season playing millionaire character Paige Finney, with her character receiving mixed reviews from viewers. Speaking about her character during an appearance on Good Morning America in July, the actress admitted that Paige was a complex role.

“Paige is very complicated and you haven’t seen it yet, but she’s very strong and very tough but she’s also very vulnerable. So the braces for us was a metaphor,” she said.

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