Kate Upton: I Was a “Little Uncomfortable” Filming Bikini Scene

Kate Upton: I Was “A Little Uncomfortable” While Filming A Bikini Scene For The Other Woman: Find Out Why!

Model reveals why she felt uncomfortable flaunting her body in a skimpy swimsuit

Earlier this week, Kate Upton opened up to E! News of her super-sexy bikini scene in her new film The Other Woman, telling us her body could have looked better.

And now the 21-year-old Sports Illustrated supermodel is revealing she wasn’t one hundred percent comfortable frolicking in a skimpy two-piece for the cameras (seriously!).

“It was my first movie role and these two have been supporting me every step of the way,” Upton said during a visit to GMA yesterday with co-stars Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann. “They made me feel so safe from day one. They encouraged me to be wrong and try new things and they were amazing role models.”

“She’s fearless,” Diaz added. “I mean she really went there.”

Upton continued, “It was funny because when we were shooting that scene, every time you go to the beach, everyone’s wearing bikinis, so it’s pretty normal. It’s part of life. But when you film a bikini scene, no one is wearing a bikini, it’s just you and 60 crew members and those two saw that I felt a little uncomfortable, because everyone is uncomfortable when so many people are staring at you.

Kate Upton: I was a "little uncomfortable" Filming a bikini scene

“I’ve never had support like this before and it was so amazing that I had this on my first film experience,” the blonde beauty added.

It’s hard to believe that a star as sexy as Upton feels uncomfortable in a bikini!

Upton recently spoke to E! about that already infamous bikini scene and admitted she wasn’t in top shape. “Of course, I always try to lead a healthy lifestyle, but it was my birthday week,” she said. “So that was the worst health I’ve ever had. I just turned 21…Cameron, Leslie and I were just going through that week.”

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