Kate Middleton’s Heartbreak Over George’s New Royal Protocol

Princess Catherine is feeling anxious that her eldest son, Prince George, is about to experience a major change in his life due to a royal protocol he will have to follow after his 12th birthday. The long-standing protocol, designed to prepare young royals for their future roles in the monarchy, has been a tradition in the British royal family for generations.

Prince George, the eldest son of Prince William and Princess Catherine, has grown up in the spotlight and will soon have to take on new responsibilities that come with his royal status. One of those protocols is that from the time he turns 12 in July 2025, Prince George will no longer be allowed to travel on the same plane as his father and siblings.

This rule is intended to protect heirs to the throne by reducing the risk associated with multiple heirs travelling together, particularly in the event of a plane crash. It also allows Prince George to begin to establish his own identity within the royal framework, outside of his immediate family. This same protocol was applied to Prince William when he turned 12 in 1994, underlining his continuity and importance within the royal family.

As Prince George prepares for this transition, Prince William’s role as a father takes on added importance. While he will no longer accompany his son on these official engagements, his support and guidance behind the scenes remains essential. Prince William’s personal experiences adapting to similar protocols as a young man put him in a unique position to offer Prince George guidance and comfort during this transition.

The royal family has yet to specify how the protocol will work, whether Prince George will travel separately from his father or siblings, or whether exceptions may be made in certain circumstances. However, whatever the logistics, Princess Catherine remains a steadfast presence in Prince George’s life, ensuring he is prepared for the responsibilities and challenges that lie ahead.

This protocol, although difficult for the royal family, underlines its commitment to preserving the stability and continuity of the British monarchy, a duty that has been paramount throughout its history, particularly to ensure the safety of future monarchs.


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