Julie Andrews facelift: before and after photos

Julie Andrews’ facelift has sparked conversation, with many curious about her appearance. They wonder if she has had any plastic surgery.

Dame Julie Andrews has had an amazing career spanning seven decades, with many accolades and achievements. Julie started out as a child actress and singer in the West End, then went to Broadway, where she starred in The Fairies and Camelot. She also appeared in Rodgers and Hammerstein’s television musical Cinderella.

Her film career began with her debut in “Mary Poppins”, where she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. The following year, she starred in the iconic musical film The Sound of Music, winning a Golden Globe Award. She acted in many other films, worked with various directors, including her husband, Blake Edwards, and lent her voice to animated films.

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Julie Andrews facelift: before and after photos

Indeed, Julie Andrews has never had cosmetic surgery or a facelift. However, she did undergo surgery on her vocal cords in 1997 to remove non-cancerous lumps. At that time she suffered from vocal strain and hoarseness, and the surgery was intended to improve her voice and prevent further damage.

Unfortunately, Andrews experienced significant complications. Following the procedure she was unable to speak for weeks and had to undergo extensive rehabilitation to regain her voice.

Despite these efforts, her singing voice was never the same, and she was left with a much reduced range and breathy tone. In later interviews, Andrews stated that the surgery was a devastating experience for her.

Julie Andrews did not undergo a facelift (source: Instagram)

She had always identified herself primarily as a singer, and losing her voice had a profound effect on her sense of identity and purpose. She also struggled with post-surgery depression and anxiety as she tried to cope with the loss of a talent that had defined her career for so many years.

Despite these challenges, Andrews continued to work in the entertainment industry, focusing more on acting and other creative endeavors than singing.

Although she was unable to sing at the same level as before her surgery, Andrews continued to inspire audiences with her talent, grace and resilience.

Has Julie Andrews had any surgery?

In 1997, Julie Andrews had surgery to remove a lesion on her vocal cords. The surgery resulted in scarred vocal cords, which left her with a reduced speaking voice and inability to sing as she had before.

Jolie filed a lawsuit against her doctors and the hospital claiming that they did not inform her of the risks of the surgery. A confidential settlement was reached, but Andrews was left with a devastating blow to her precious gift of singing.

Despite attempts to restore her voice through vocal exercises and multiple surgeries, Andrews was unable to fully restore her singing voice. While some of the scar tissue was removed and some of the remaining vocal tissue was stretched to improve flexibility, so much tissue was gone that restoring her singing voice was impossible.

Julie Andrews facelift
Young Julie Andrews (source: IMDB)

Andrews’ vocal range remained at about an octave, and she needed help reaching middle and high notes. She became interested in advanced vocal cord innovations, such as a bagel that could temporarily increase flexibility, but she had no solution.

Andrews struggled to accept her inability to sing as she adored being on stage. She underwent grief therapy and admitted to being in denial about her inability to communicate through her voice.

However, she eventually came to terms with what happened and realized that her talent and soul were not defined only by her voice. Andrews continued to reach audiences through new acting roles and embraced a writing career. She noted that “a door closes and a window opens”, and she found new opportunities for expression and fulfillment.

Julie Andrews’ early life has been explored

Born on October 1, 1935, Julia Elizabeth Wells in Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, England, to Barbara Ward Wells and Edward Charles “Ted” Wells. Her parents divorced when she was very young, and each remarried shortly thereafter. Her mother married Ted Andrews, and her father married Winifred Maud Birkhead, a war widow and former hair stylist.

Despite her parents’ remarriage, Andrews’ early life was challenging, as her family struggled with poverty and lived in the wrong slum area of ​​London. In addition, her stepfather was an alcoholic and violent, and she had to put a lock on her door after he twice tried to get into bed with her while drunk.

However, as her mother’s stage career improved, the family was able to move to better surroundings in Beckenham and eventually return to Andrews’ hometown, the registrar said. There they lived in Old Meuse, where Andrews’ maternal grandmother served as a maid.

Julie Andrews facelift
Julie Andrews and Dick Van Dyke in Mary Poppins (source: IMDB)

Despite the difficult circumstances, Andrews’ talent was evident from an early age, and her stepfather sponsored her classes at the independent Cone-Ripman School of Arts Education (ArtsEd) in London.

She later received vocal instruction from concert soprano Madame Lillian Stiles-Allen, who greatly influenced her and considered her a star pupil. Andrews admits her voice was “pure, white, thin” with a range of four octaves.

After attending Cohn-Ripman School, Andrews continued her education at nearby Woodbrook School, a local public school in Beckenham. Although her early life was challenging, it laid the foundation for her successful acting and singing career.

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