Jennifer Lopez pushing her husband Ben Affleck to undergo cosmetic surgery?

Ben Affleck became ’embarrassed’ as hell after marrying Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck became very cautious about his appearance after marrying Hollywood diva Jennifer Lopez.

And according to recent reports, the Argo star wants to remove the ‘unsightly wrinkle between his eyebrows’ because he’s ‘convinced’ it makes him look much older than he is.

An insider told Radar Online that the Hollywood hunk wanted to get rid of the forehead crease with surgery because it “has been bothering him for a long time.”

“It’s the weirdest thing, even Botox couldn’t erase it,” the source added. “Makeup can’t do much, and it’s embarrassed as hell.”

“It’s also getting worse, he says, so he made an appointment with a surgeon to get it fixed,” the insider noted.

“Ben will be happy when it’s gone because he thinks it makes him look like Lord Voldemort from the Harry Potter movies,” the insider jokingly revealed.

The source said it was Ben Affleck’s own idea to erase the crease, but it comes after another source revealed that J.Lo was urging him to get his face filled in.

The Marry Me star wants them to “appear as the Hollywood power couple” she thinks Affleck should maintain the standard for.

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