Jeffree Star Age, Bio, Family, Gay, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Facts

Jeffree Star Age, Bio, Family, Gay, Boyfriend, Net Worth, Facts - Jeffree Star Age Bio Family Gay Boyfriend Net Worth Facts

Who is Jeffree Star?

Jeffree Star is a popular YouTube personality, musician, fashion designer, entrepreneur, and social media star. He first gained fame as a makeup artist for his electrifying videos on makeup and beauty that he uploaded to his eponymous YouTube channel, on which he has no less than 15 million. subscribers. In addition, his love for music has earned him a huge fan base on the MySpace website and has released his debut album "Beauty Killer" in 2009. Today, Jeffree is recognized as the founder of the brand of multi-million dollar cosmetics known as Jeffree. Star Cosmetics.

Private life

Jeffree Star was born on November 15, 1985 in Orange County, California, United States of America. He is currently 33 years old.

Birth name Jeffrey Lynn Steininger Jr.
Nickname Jeffree Star
Birth date November 15, 1985
Place of birth Orange County, California, United States
Age 33 Years
Sign of the sun Scorpio
Profession YouTuber, Musician, Stylist, Makeup Artist
Nationality American
Ethnicity White
Residence Calabasas, California, United States

Family and education

Jeffree Star is the son of Jeffrey L. Steininger and his wife Marra Shubyann Lindstrom Steininger. His father died while committing suicide at the age of six and was eventually raised by his mother. As a model, she traveled a lot to model shipments leaving him alone at home.

Jeffree fell in love with makeup while he was still young and was trying a different makeup with his mother's makeup kit every time she was not at home. He also convinced his mother to let him go to school with makeup. He studied at Pacifica High School in Garden Grove, California, and after graduation he moved to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming a makeup artist.

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Jeffree Star Love Life

As for her love life, Jeffree Star became gay when questions were asked about her sexual orientation. He loves to dress up as a woman who often puts him in controversy and people were curious to know if he had undergone any surgery to change sex.

He has had some relationships with men during his career. The social media sensation currently lives with her boyfriend, Nathan Schwandt. Nathan is also a famous Instagrammer and they became friends on Instagram.

After a few meetings, Jeffree and Nathan lured one towards the other and started dating in 2015. Since then, they have been doing well and apparently leading a happy life in Calabasas, California.

You can see them appear together in tons of videos and pictures. There were many accusations that Nathan would have turned his sexuality to Gay, but he refuted those claims that he was straight and that the genre had nothing to do with their relationship.

Jeffree met the musician Tyler Carter in 2015 and Chris Crocker from 2005 to 2009.

Physical statistics

size Feet – 6 feet 1 inch
Centimeters – 185 cm
Meters – 1.85 m
Weight Kilograms – 73 kg
Books – 161 lbs
bodybuilding Slender
Eye colour Dark brown
Hair color Blond platinum complexion
Sexuality Cheerful
Shoe size Unknown
Distinctive features The tatoos
Blond platinum complexion

Professional statistics

Movie start

Jeffree made her film debut with the musical "Hella Crazy" in 2008.

TV debut

The first appearance on Star TV took place in July 2017 when he was invited to the talk show Spread TV.

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Start of the album

He became fascinated with music when he became friends with Peaches' Samantha Maloney thresher and went to the True Colors Tour 2007, sponsored by the LGBT logo chain.

He released his first and only studio album "Beauty Killer" on September 22, 2009, which gave birth to hits like "Prisoner" and "Lollipop Luxury" starring Nicki Minaj. The album reached number 7 in the Billboard Top Electronic Albums American chart and culminated in 2nd place in the HeatSEekers charts of the United States.

In addition, he has about five protracted plays including "Plastic Surgery Party", "Cupcakes Taste Like Violence", "Virginity", "Concealer" and "Mr. Diva".

Jeffree Star favorite things

  • B: and – Backstreet Boys
  • Song – 2 Becoming 1 of Spice Girls
  • Emoji Alter Ego – A lipstick or a handcuff
  • Snapchat filter – Crown of flowers

Jeffree Star Net Worth

Starting in 2019, Jeffree Star has accumulated $ 75 million in net worth. His cosmetics company, Jeffree Star Cosmetics, which he created in 2014, has become a multi-million dollar company. He used social media, including YouTube and Instagram, to promote his makeup line, which ultimately paid off.

JSC's cosmetics range meets the beauty needs of young people and includes lipsticks, highlighter palettes, lip scrubs, eye shadow palettes and accessories. He also has a fashion line called Beauty Forever and is considering launching a skincare line.

Jeffree's cumulative net worth comes from a variety of sources, including his cosmetics line, apparel line and, more importantly, YouTube's revenue, with over 15 million subscribers.

Presence in social media

The social media mogul has attracted a considerable number of fans on social media, especially on YouTube and Instagram. He has won more than 15 million subscribers on Youtube and 14 million followers on Instagram. Jeffree uses his popularity on social networks to make money and promote his new makeup and fashion products.

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Jeffree Star Facts

He started as a music artist on MySpace and used the platform to capitalize his efforts in music and fashion design. In no time, he became one of the most popular independent artists of My Space.

In the meantime, he also pursued his makeup ambitions and slipped into the posh Los Angeles clubs disguised as a young woman and established contacts with celebrities. This helped him win make-up concerts for filming fashion and music videos.

With years of experience in makeup and fashion, Jeffree now helps people who take makeup classes around the world.

In 2010, Jeffree appeared in the second video version of Keisha's musical single, "Take It Off."

In 2014, he launched his own makeup line called Jeffree Star Cosmetics, one of the most popular makeup brands in the world.

He has appeared in video clips of Good Charlotte as well as in several episodes of the television series LA Ink.

The famous tattooist Kat Von D is dissociated from Jeffree after years of working together saying "drug use, racism and bullying". She is responsible for almost all her beautiful body art.

Star was often accused of racism because of disparaging remarks about minorities, although he later apologized.

In 2018, Forbes ranked Jeffree as the 5th highest paid YouTube star with a profit of $ 18 million.

In April 2019, Star revealed that part of the lot, including pallets and lip guards, worth $ 2.5 million, had been stolen from his warehouse.

Jeffree is known for his transgressive appearance and personality, which bend both sexes.

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