Jean Herry’s parents: Who are Miu-Miu and Julien Clerk? Family and net worth

Fans are curious about Jean Herry’s parents and their high-profile family, with most members involved in the film industry.

Jean Herry is a French director and screenwriter best known for her work in the 2018 French drama film Safe Hands.

Everything is discussed here, from Jean Hari’s parents and their profession to their previous relationships and the current location of the children!

Jean Herry’s parents: Who are Miu-Miu and Julien Clerk?

French filmmaker and actress Jean Herry was born on April 19, 1978, as the daughter of actress Miu-Miu and singer-songwriter Julien Clerk.

Jean’s father, Clerc, grew up in Paris listening to classical music from his father and French singers from his mother. He started playing the piano at the age of six and learned to play by ear from the radio at the age of 13.

At school, Julien Clerk met songwriters Maurice Walt and Etienne Roda-Gille and later changed his name when he signed with Fata Marconi in 1968 and released his first album.

After winning the Charles Cross Academy Record Award, Julian Clark share on the Olympia stage in 1969 as the opening act for a Gilbert Beck concert.

Jeanne Herry Parents, Julien Clerc and Miou Miou (source: here)

Julien Clark gained further recognition after starring in the popular Parisian production of the musical Hair from May 1969 to February 1970.

On the other hand, Jeanne Hari’s mother, Miu-Miu, originally Sylvette Hari, was raised by her mother, Jade in Paris, and was later given her stage name by Coloche, which refers to the sound of a cat.

Miou-Miou is a French actress nominated for a César Award ten times and won Best Actress forMemoirs of a French Whorein 1979.

In addition, she has appeared in several other films, including Germinal (1993), Entra Neves (1983), This Sweet Disease (1977) and Arrêtez-moi (2013).

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Meet Jean Hari’s family

Both of Jean-Harry’s parents, Miu-Miu and Julian Clark, had other children from their previous or recent relationships, and she has four half-siblings.

Emma Miu-Miu was in a relationship with Patrick Devereux and gave birth to Angel Herry-Leclerc on August 13, 1974. She is known for her work as an artistic director and writer for many well-known exhibitions such as L’art du crime and Nina.

In addition, Jean Harrie has three half-siblings from her father’s side: Vanille and Barnabas with his ex-wife Virginie Kupri, and Leonard with his current wife Helen Gremion, whom he married in 2012.

Parents Jean Hari
(L) Miou-Miou, (M) Jeanne Herry, (R) Julien Julien Clerc and his wife Helene Grémillon (source: Paris Match)

Regarding her marital status or relationships, Jean was always very private. She is inactive on most social media platforms, and finding information about her love life is tricky.

However, there have been no official reports of Jean Herry getting married or having a child, so it can be assumed that she is single and focused on her career as of 2023.

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Jean Herry net worth

Beyond the discussion of Jeanne Herry’s parents to her lucrative career in the film industry, Jeanne Herry is a talented French filmmaker and actress.

According to the data provided by meWiktionaryJean Herry has accumulated an amazing net worth of $1.5 million as of 2023.

Jean Hari with her mother Miu-Miu
Jean Harry with her mother Miu-Miu (source: here)

Some of her notable works includeThe sister, in the company of things, number one fan, call my agent!, sheShowed her extraordinary talent as an actor, director and writer in safe hands and Mouche.

In addition to her lucrative career in the French film industry, she has also made multiple international endeavors. She probably invested a large part of her wealth in various real estate or stock markets.

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