It’s crazy, Madonna even deliberately dropped her clothes on stage, as a result, her body parts were exposed. Like This Video

It’s crazy, Madonna even deliberately dropped her clothes on stage, so parts of her body were exposed. Like this video

Who does not know the Hollywood singer Madonna. He is greatly admired by many people, so it is no wonder that his fans are so many and everywhere.

However, Madonna reportedly performed a concert in Brisbane, Australia last Thursday (3/17).

However, the concert he gave was an embarrassing incident. The incident began when Madonna called a member of the public onto the stage. Finally, a tall, beautiful girl dressed in black appeared on stage.

After she finished talking with the idol, suddenly, surprisingly, Madonna slightly removed the girl’s clothes.

Worse still, the embarrassing incident happened on the concert stage and was seen by thousands of spectators who packed the concert titled Rebel Hearts.

After doing this stupid thing, Madonna immediately received scathing reviews from the public. Many say that Madonna deliberately humiliated her fans on stage.

The scorn became even more intense when the public learned that the girl who had stripped was still 17 years old. But the sneer didn’t seem to make Madonna realize, instead she said harsh words.

“Oh shit, sorry, sexual harassment. You can do the same to me if you want,” Madonna said onstage, pulling down the fan’s shirt and hugging her.

Meanwhile, the girl herself admitted that Madonna’s treatment was not a problem, and according to her, it was not a serious problem.

“I don’t think my breasts are a serious problem. (The incident) was nothing to me, no problem,” the 17-year-old said.

Curious to know what happened? The following is a video of Madonna pulling fans’ clothes on stage.

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