Biography of Isbae U

Isbae U is a Nigerian comedian on Instagram, Youtube and Tik Tok, famous for his appearances in short comedy skits online. Isbae has featured in various comedy videos with other co-stars such as Mr. Macaroni, MC Lively, Edem Victor, Broda Shaggi, Taooma and many more.

Isbae U

Isbae U’s real name is Ismail Adebayo. He was born on 5th April 1995 and is currently based in Lagos State, Nigeria. Her father Kamal Adebayo is a well known Yoruba actor who has acted in a number of Yoruba films in the film industry.

Fast facts on Isbae U

NameIsbae U | Ismail Adebayo | Twist King
Date of birthApril 5, 1995
OccupationSocial media influencer, comedian
FatherKamal Adebayo
Associated actsMr. Macaroni, Taooma, MC Lively, Edem Victor, Broda Shaggi
Net value$30,000
Marital statusOnly
ResidenceLagos State, Nigeria
Isbae U comedy

Isbae U Comedy Career

Following his father’s success in the Nigerian film scene, Isbae became interested in acting and started shooting short comedy videos. most of his videos show him behaving very stupidly, making bad choices only to finally cry out in remorse. His facial expression when tricked or caught is priceless, which is very hilarious to watch.

Isbae U and broda shaggi

Isbae normally appears in the videos of other Nigerian comedians where he acts as a driver or courier. He is very notable for being the driver of another comedian, Mr. Macaroni (a promiscuous figure in his videos). For over 3 years now, Isbae has been posting interesting content and has seen her followers increase drastically and dramatically.

In 2021, Isbae started uploading massively on his YouTube page and saw a significant increase in thousands with the number of subscribers who have now subscribed to his channel.

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Song of Isbae

Isbae released his debut single, “Aye,” in January 2020. On the track, he collaborated with Chinko Ekun and Soundz.

Isbae U girlfriend

Isbae has yet to reveal who his girlfriend is.