Is Sebastian Moy engaged? Is he dating Jella Walter?

Is Sebastian Moy engaged? Many of his fans are curious to know more about him when the Florida native posted photos on Snapchat titled “It’s official.”

Sebastian Moi is a TikTok celebrity and social media influencer from the United States. He comes from a family of internet celebrities and has gained recognition on sites like TikTok and Instagram.

Born in Florida, Sebastian grew up with a flair for the dramatic. In 2016, he created a TikTok account and posted humor and lip-sync videos. It took him only a short time to build a devoted following.

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He has millions of followers on the platform. He then created profiles on other social media sites and now has a sizable following on Instagram and Twitter. Sebastian Moi also has a fairly popular YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers and millions of views.

Is Sebastian Moy engaged? Is he dating Jella Walter?

Sebastian Moi is a well-known Florida-based American singer, TikTok star, YouTube content creator and social media personality. The latest reports are about his relationship status and his involvement with model Jella Walter.

With his attractive features and innocent smile, Sebastian Moi has always caught the attention of North Star Boys fans. And without a doubt, his love is one of the most popular topics among followers.

Sebastian Moy and Gela Walter (source: Sportskida)

He managed to keep his love life on hold after his split from Dylan Conrique in 2019. But it looks like Moe is finally ready to share his affection with the public after posting photos of him kissing his best friend, Jella Walter.

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The Florida native even posted photos on Snapchat titled “It’s Official,” in which he was seen proposing to model Walter with a ring.

However, he later revealed that they had played a prank on Jala’s father. Whatever the case may be, the pair seem madly in love and often share romantic photos together.

Furthermore, fans ship him with other members of the North Star Boys, such as Ryan Nguyen and Darren Liang, and have created several romantic fanfictions on Wattpad. To add fuel to the fire, Liang often flirts with Moi in YouTube videos, even jokingly referring to him as his lover.


Who are Sebastian Moy’s parents? A family was interrogated

The online personality was born in Florida, in the United States of America. He is an American citizen. However, he is of mixed ethnicity. Sebastian Moy’s parents are of different ethnicity.

His father is supposedly Chinese, while her mother is Colombian. Natalie Moy is his mother’s name. Unfortunately, the identity of Sebastian Moi’s father is unknown. The TikTok celebrity occasionally features them in his TikTok and Instagram videos.

Sebastian Moy
Sebastian Moy’s family (source: Sportskida)

He initially rose to prominence on Instagram, mostly sharing short comedy videos, pranks and challenges. Sebastian Moi now has over 1.7 million followers on Instagram.

He is known not only on Instagram but also on YouTube and Tiktok. On March 22, 2016, he launched his YouTube account. His channel has about 596 thousand subscribers right now.

He is also an aspiring artist. He and his brother, Oliver, released several tracks. They also have their own YouTube channel, The Moy Boys. So far the channel has over 99 thousand subscribers. Oliver and Sebastian Moi mainly use the channel to share their music. Sweetheart, Ice Cream, and Up All Night are some of their tunes.

What is Sebastian Moy worth in 2023?

According to several reports, Sebastian Moi is a well-known figure on social media value $700,000 as of July 2023. Moi started posting videos on TikTok as a minor. It gained a lot of popularity on the site, which helped it gain popularity on other platforms.

Moi has made a lot of money from his internet activity, and this money allows him to buy the purchases he needs and wants. Moi shows off his lavish mansion in a video titled “Our New House Tour!!”

The house has a basketball court, a contemporary kitchen with all the necessary equipment, and a luxurious entertainment area with a pool table, chess table, game consoles and other services.

Each of Moi’s projects had more than five rooms in the house. The real price of the mansion is unknown, but based on the photos, it must have been expensive.

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