Insult to Hardworking Farmers Sparks Outrage

Brian strongly condemns the Sussexes, calling them ignorant and disrespectful, especially to rural farmers. He highlights the absence of college degrees in Harry and Meghan’s background, highlighting their apparent lack of engagement at a recent event in New York.

It appears the Sussexes were essentially paid to make an appearance and man a microphone, with their participation announced as a last-minute addition. Media reports highlighted the presence of heavy security, with seven cars escorting them, although fewer than a dozen paparazzi chased them through relatively empty streets.

Notably, Meghan’s clothing, which some likened to a straitjacket, did not go unnoticed. She also called Harry “this one”, perhaps reflecting an oversight or hesitation to use a more personal term for him in public.

As for their appearance at the Project Healthy Minds event, it seemed to function as a platform for the Sussexes to network and have their photos taken by essentially buying their way on stage. They were given access to microphones, which allowed them to deliver a speech that, to some, sounded like a jumble of recycled familiar ideas.

A brief excerpt of Harry’s speech at the summit revealed a condescending attitude towards rural farmers in his comments about Ryan, a chicken farmer. Harry’s mention of ostrich boots and living in a remote area suggested a lack of knowledge of the Internet.

In reality, Ryan and Rachel Rhodes operate a family poultry farm on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, producing hundreds of thousands of broilers each year and tending to their crops. Ryan has a BS in General Agriculture and Rachel has a BS in Poultry Science and an MS in Environmental Policy. Their education and practical experience surpasses Harry’s. Harry’s assumption that rural life equates to lower intelligence and education has embarrassed those who know better. He apparently doesn’t seem to understand that anyone with access to the Internet can access the same information and do work online, regardless of their location.

In this regard, Ryan probably has more practical and business knowledge, perhaps even more financial assets, than Harry. Harry’s derogatory attitude towards working-class individuals represents a drastic change from his previous character. Meghan’s laughter during this offensive remark further harms their public image.

Brian’s scathing review ends with a call for the Sussexes to spend considerable time educating themselves on substantive issues. He advises them to stop striving to be liked and to stop exploiting the less fortunate for their own gain. With their business relationship dwindling, it suggests the Sussexes may have to come back years later and apologize for their previous behavior and attitude.

For those unfamiliar, farmers are agricultural specialists and not everyone is smart enough to pass agronomy exams, which can be quite difficult. Compared to the aristocrats of agriculture and agronomy, Harry is still stuck at the bottom of the slurry pond, and it is still unclear when or if he will emerge.

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