I tried to end my life

In an interview on “Variety,” the iconic actress confessed how bad her relationship with the performer was: “He was a bad man”

Puerto Rican actress Rita Moreno, known for her roles in films such as “West side story” (1961), “Singing in the rain” (1952) or “El rey y yo” (1956), gave an interview to “Variety” in which he did not hesitate to confess. The iconic interpreter confessed that Marlon Brando, with whom she had a relationship of almost eight years, was a “bad man when it came to women”, assuring that he “abused her in many ways”.

“It was very exciting to be with Marlon,” Moreno said, “he was amazing in so many ways, but he was a bad man. He was a bad man when it came to women,” said said the Puerto Rican, who began her relationship with the actor in 1954 when she was 22, during the filming of the film “Désirée”. “I was very different back then. It had all the characteristics of a doormat,” Ella Moreno explained.

Moreno explains how Brando was a womanizer, and that despite the fact that he secretly wanted to be one, he ended up confessing everything to his then girlfriend: “Every time he lied to me, I looked at him and said, ‘Marlon, look at me.’ And he started sketching, I don’t want to use the swear word, that smile,” the performer recalled. “I could read it like a book. That’s why he loved me and abused me in so many ways.”

The ‘West Side Story’ star, winner of an Oscar, Grammy, two Emmys and a Tony, said that at that time “she didn’t understand” that suicide was not only going to “kill the pathetic, sad and oppressed Rita, but also to the rest” of her person, says the interpreter. “I tried to end my life with pills at his house. That’s how I tried to do it.”

Likewise, Moreno explains in the interview that Brando wanted to renew a relationship with her in 1969, when they both starred in the movie “The Night of the Next Day”: “I was married at that time, I had a wonderful daughter, Fernande. But he wanted to try again. I didn’t, but he did,” said the actress, who pointed out that by then Brando had lost a good part of who he was, “the good Marlon whom Rita loved”.

With that, it’s not the first time that the Puerto Rican has spoken about her relationship with the Hollywood star, because in an interview she gave to the BBC in 2013 she also recalled that “my relationship with Marlon was like a storm. It was sensual, divine and entertaining, but more of an obsession, it was like cocaine.”

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