Hurtful NYC Car Chase Reactions Leave Prince Harry Reeling: Source

Prince Harry is reportedly feeling “hurt” by the backlash he received after admitting to a car chase incident in New York. An individual close to the couple shed some light on their reactions to the incident.

The reactions relate to the car chase itself, which the Duke and Duchess of Sussex described as “nearly catastrophic”.

The insider, who shared these details with Us Weekly, insisted that the couple’s account of the car chase was not exaggerated and found it deeply hurtful and inappropriate for people to suggest otherwise.

Despite the backlash over their revelations, the couple remain steadfast and refuse to keep quiet about the incident. In fact, they are determined not to back down.

The source also mentioned that the couple will not hide or be afraid to show their faces as they are committed to standing up for themselves and speaking out when they feel wronged.

The revelations come shortly after publicist Ashley Hansen defended the couple, saying that given the Duke’s family history, it’s unreasonable to believe it was a publicity stunt, and such insinuations are appalling.

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