How old is Frances Glendani? Smokey Robinson’s wife, children and family

The fans are excited to learn “How old is Frances Glendani?”. Let’s dive deep inside to know about Smokey Robinson’s wife, kids and family in detail.

For those who want to know “How old is Frances Glendani?” Smokey Robinson’s wife at the time of their marriage. The amazing interior and fashion designer was 32, while her groom was 62. The singer-songwriter is half her age.

American fashion designer Frances Glendani is currently 52 years old but will soon turn 53. Frances is not a Motown legend but has definitely left her mark on the world.

Frances Glendy, 52, is a successful interior designer, however, she prefers to stay out of the limelight. The famous woman runs a skin care line with her husband Smokey in collaboration with Skinphonic. They have collections like My Girl and Get Ready.

Since 2017, several reliable sources have claimed that Frances Glendani has been working with her husband Smokey Robinson on his particular enterprise. Smokey reportedly produced and sold wine throughout Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

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How old is Frances Glendani?

Many fans asked “How old is Frances Glendani?”. So the answer to your question is Smokey Robinson’s famous wife Frances Glendy is 52 years old.

Fashion designer and stylist Frances Glendani was born in 1948. Glendani is her maiden name. She is seven to eight years younger than her loving husband William “Smokey” Robinson.

Smokey Robinson with his 53-year-old wife Frances Glendani. source: Instagram


52-year-old Frances Glendani and her husband Robinson are home owners in Pittsburgh. They also have free time to live in North Hollywood California with her family. She then had a home in Las Vegas, Nevada, and Gibsonia, Pennsylvania.

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Smokey Robinson’s wife, kids and family

52 years old Frances Glendani She is the second wife of William “Smokey” Robison. they Married in May 2002, twenty one years ago. The star couple maintains a strong relationship despite the age difference.

Frances Glendy dated Smokey Robinson for a while before they hit it off in mid-2002. Today, the pair have been dating for nearly two decades. Looks like the duo is still going strong as life partners and business partners.

How old is Frances Glendani?"
Smokey Robinson and his 75-year-old wife Frances Glendani. source: Instagram

Not together, but the songwriter had two children with his first wife, Friend Nissim Claudette Rogers. Robinson exchanged vows with Rogers in 1959.

Claudette had previously had seven miscarriages, so she finally decided to have Bree through surrogacy. Berry has a low public profile and has kept Instagram private.

Does Frances Glendany have children with husband Smokey Robinson?

The talented interior designer, Frances was not blessed with any Children To this day. She didn’t talk about adopting a child either. However, Glendy plays the role of a mother figure to Smokey’s children from his past affairs.

The couple welcomed their first child clear in 1968; tamale in 1971. Unfortunately, the relationship between the two broke down after twenty-seven years of marriage.

How old is Frances Glendani?
Claudette Rogers shares two children with Smokey Robinson. source: Instagram

Claudette divorced Smokey, then 46, after learning Robinson shared a newborn son born in 1985 with one of his lovers. Their separation was finalized in 1986.

Although Trey’s arrival was the tipping point for Claudette and Smokey’s relationship, they are connected in the name of children and family. Although Tamela is not Frances Glendany’s actual child, she is inspired by her work.

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