Harry Seething As Elton Exposed Shaking Hands With Meghan To Use Duke As A Plaintiff Pawn

In a shocking revelation, it appears Elton John shook hands with Meghan, using Prince Harry as a pawn in their legal battle. This development left Harry seething with anger. The singer, Elton, seems to have completely disappeared from legal proceedings since the end of March.

Even in his rare appearance, Elton sneaked in through the back door. As a result, Prince Harry has officially become the main target of the media.

A source claims the singer has completely distanced himself, taking advantage of Harry. If the Duke wins the case, the compensation will be shared between the two parties. However, if the case is lost, it is Prince Harry who will suffer the most damage to his reputation.

During questioning, Andrew Green raised questions about Harry’s initial consultation with lawyers over a possible claim against Mirror Group Newspapers. Harry replied, “I didn’t go to see them.

I ran into my lawyer, David Sherborne, in France.” He added: “It’s in my book.” According to Harry, this encounter took place in 2018, preceding his accidental meeting. However, the truth, as ‘she is revealed in her memoirs, tells another story.

An excerpt states: “Part of it was due to Elton and David. At the end of our recent visit, they introduced us to a lawyer, an acquaintance of theirs, who knew more about the hacking scandal than anyone I know. had met before.” Harry expressed his frustration at being blocked at every turn by the Palace and shared how the lawyer offered an elegant solution, suggesting they hire their own lawyer.

The chronology of events helps to better understand the situation. In August 2019, Elton John flew Harry and Meghan on his private plane to the south of France, where they were introduced to Sherborne. This interaction seems to indicate a deliberate effort by Elton to implicate a high-profile figure like Harry in bolstering his own hacking case.

Harry seethes as Elton exposes Meghan's handshake to use Duke as plaintiff's pawn

In October 2019, while in South Africa, Meghan encouraged Harry to seek his own lawyers, signaling a move away from reliance on palace lawyers, as confirmed in Harry’s book, ‘Spare’. Harry sued for phone hacking in 2019, despite being actively discouraged by the Palace in 2017.

The infamous “Megxit” happened in January 2020. Behind the scenes, in April 2019, news broke that William had settled his phone hacking lawsuit for a large sum of money, later revealed to have been given to Harry’s charity, Invictus. It is important to note that this trial was already underway in 2019.

The link between Elton John and the events surrounding the trial arouses suspicion. Elton conveniently provided his private jet for Harry and Meghan’s visit to France, where Harry stumbled upon his lawyer.

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