Harry and Meghan’s Missed Opportunity for US-UK Relations

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are being snubbed by America’s elite after they weren’t invited to the Met Gala, according to reports.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are also being criticized for missing a golden opportunity to strengthen the bond between the UK and the US. Royal commentator Hilary Fordwich expressed her disappointment with the couple’s actions and how they are now being left behind by US politicians and social elites.

Fordwich pointed out that the Sussexes enjoyed near-universal public support as they began their new life in America, and that many people looked forward to what they could bring to the table. However, their choice to denigrate the royal family resulted in a distancing from them.

She also noted that the couple weren’t invited to some of Hollywood’s major events, such as the Obamas’ 60th birthday party and the Met Gala.

The royal expert questioned why the couple were not invited to these events and suggested political and social elites were keeping their distance.

She cited a recent Newsweek poll which showed only 39% of people viewed Prince Harry positively, saying politicians and social elites pay attention to such polls.

Overall, it appears the couple’s actions were not well received by the US elite and they missed several important opportunities to strengthen UK-US relations.

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