Hannah Waddingham Exposes Meghan Markle’s Secrets on Late Night with Seth Meyers Christmas Special

Hannah Waddingham, the Emmy Award-winning star known for her role in “Ted Lasso,” recently revealed some surprising information about Meghan Markle’s past during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, specifically in the Christmas special. The accomplished actress, who is currently promoting her new special called ‘Home for Christmas,’ shared a surprising encounter she had with the Duchess of Sussex while they were working together on the TV series ‘Suits’ .

Waddingham, who had a guest role as a lawyer on “Suits” in 2015, opened up about his experience meeting Meghan on set. She candidly expressed her shock at Meghan’s behavior, describing her as rude and arrogant. According to Waddingham, Meghan displayed diva-like behavior and treated everyone with a sense of contempt and disdain. In her own words, Meghan’s behavior was “horrible, absolutely horrible.” Waddingham further explained that Meghan seemed arrogant and snobbish, seeming to look down on everyone, despite her status as a supporting character on the show. Meghan reportedly frequently made requests and complaints, without any trace of politeness.

Waddingham shared that Meghan’s attitude towards him was particularly unpleasant and that she even tried to sabotage his performance and undermine his confidence. Apparently, Meghan made fun of Waddingham’s accent, clothes and appearance, and directed him with snide remarks and dirty looks. She expressed disbelief at the extent of Meghan’s nastiness, recounting how Meghan belittled her for being British and called her “stiff upper lip”, deeming her boring and lacking in talent or charisma. Meghan even suggested that Waddingham was wasting his time on “Suits” and should return to his previous musical theater career.

Waddingham then revealed that Meghan tried to steal scenes and steal the spotlight from him, interfering with his lines and cues. She attributed this behavior to Meghan’s jealousy and desire to eliminate competition, describing her as insecure and overly competitive. According to Waddingham, Meghan intended to be the center of attention and disliked the positive feedback Waddingham received from directors and actors. She recounted instances where Meghan sought to disrupt his scenes, trying to make him look bad by interrupting him, talking over him or changing the script.

The actress expressed shock and hurt at Meghan’s behavior and admitted she tried to distance herself and ignore her on set. She admitted her relief when her time on “Suits” ended and her desire to avoid any future interactions with Meghan. Waddingham didn’t mince words, calling Meghan the worst person she’s ever worked with. Their professional relationship never resumed and Waddingham revealed she was not surprised to hear about the controversies Meghan had stirred up within the royal family, calling her a nightmare to work with.

Despite the negative encounter, Waddingham emphasized her satisfaction with her own career and life, saying she was not perturbed by Meghan’s opinions. She was proud of her achievements and accolades, expressing gratitude to her fans and friends. In conclusion, Waddingham said, “I don’t need Megan’s approval or validation. I have my own success and my own happiness.” She highlighted her wonderful show, loving family and amazing colleagues, saying she was surrounded by love and support and had no room for negativity or drama in her life. In her own words: “I’m happy and I’m home for Christmas.”

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