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Gil Bates

Biography of Gil Bates

Gil Bates is a famous American television personality and businessman. He is best known for his real show Bringing up Bates on Up Tv. They are Gil and Kelly Bates, their 19 children and extended family.

Previously, the Bates family appeared in a 2012 TV series known as United Bates of America. In October 2014, it was announced that the family would return to a new series called Binging Up Bates. The series premiered on January 1, 2015. Season nine aired on March 5, 2020.

Gil Bates Age

Bates is 56 years old from 2021. It was born on January 1, 1965, on Honea Path, Southern California, United States of America. He celebrates his own birthday on January 1 of each year. In addition, his zodiac sign is Capricorn.

Gil Bates family

Bates it was born to his parents Bill and Jane Bates at Honea Path, Southern California, United States of America. He was the first child of his parents, followed by two more children, a brother Greg Bates et al sister, Jennifer.

In addition, Bates was obsessed with football from a young age, wearing a uniform from the age of two and playing at the age of eight. As a child, he attended the Methodist Churches.

Bates nationality is American and his nationality is Caucasian.

Gil Bates Training

Bates went to Belton-Honea Path High School. While in his tenth grade, his football coach, Kenny Ashley, started a chapter in the Christian Athletes Community, and Bates soon became a Christian. Bates asked his parents for permission to attend the Austin Road Baptist Church, which they granted.

In addition, as a senior, Bates won the 1983 South Carolina Wrestling Championship and was voted the most outstanding wrestler.

For his college education, Bates enrolled at Anderson University. He was later transferred to Carson Newman University.

Gil Bates Spouse / Children

Bates currently married to Kelly Jo Bates. The duo met at Anderson University and tied the knot on December 19, 1987. Together they have 19 children.

The couple had planned not to have children until they were married for five years. However, Kelly became pregnant a few months after her marriage and on December 30, 1988, they welcomed their first child, Zachary Gilvin. Zachary was later joined by a sister, Michael Christian, was born on January 23, 1990.

Other children include:

  • Erin Elise was born on May 2, 1991
  • William Lawson was born on July 27, 1992
  • Kenneth Nathaniel was born on August 29, 1993
  • Alyssa Joy was born on November 9, 1994
  • Tori Layne was born on December 20, 1995
  • Trace Whitfield was born on February 1, 1997
  • Carlin Brianne was born on April 11, 1998,
  • Josie Kellyn was born on August 4, 1999
  • Katie Grace was born on October 5, 2000
  • Jackson Ezekiel was born on February 17, 2002
  • Warden Justice was born on May 19, 2003
  • Isaiah Kuraj was born on October 16, 2004
  • Addallee Hope was born on February 17, 2006
  • Eli Bridget was born on April 28, 2007
  • Callie-Anna Rose was born on August 2, 2009
  • Johnson White was born on September 15, 2010 and
  • Jeb Colton born February 1, 2012.

Bates is a family and does everything he can to spend quality time with his children.

Bates family
Bates family

Gil Bates Career


Bates owns a tree excavation company called Bates Tree Service. His sons have grown up enough to help, he has employed them in this business. He says it is a dangerous job, even after taking safety precautions. “We’ve made a lot of calls, and I’m terribly nervous, but we had no misfortunes, thank the Lord.” Bates is also struggling to respond even to this business. Lawson’s son started his own lawn care business as a teenager, and his father often relied on his income to help meet their needs.


Bates opened his church in September 2015, called the Baptist Bible Church, in Clinton, Tennessee. Currently, he is still the pastor. In addition, he also serves on the board of the Institute of Basic Principles of Life.


In 2008, Gil Bates and close family friends, the Duggar family, presented their own reality show, 17 Kids and Counting, on TLC. In addition, in the episode “When Big Families Collide”, which aired on October 13, 2008, viewers were introduced to the Bates family. Bates and his family appeared in several episodes in the ten seasons of the show.

Similarly, a special episode of “The Bates Family: And Baby Makes 19” premiered on March 13, 2012 and served as a kind of reintegration into the family before the premiere of their own TLC show, United Bates of America, on August 13. 2012. The show ran for only one season, before announcing on October 6, 2012 that it had been canceled.

In addition, on November 18, 2014, the Bates family announced that they had begun filming for a second reality show, Bringing Up Bates. Bringing Up Bates, which premiered on UpTV on January 1, 2015, is now in its ninth season.

Gil Bates Height

Bates standing on one height of 5 feet 5 inches(170 cm) and weighs 74 kg(164 pounds). In addition, it has a light brown eye color.

Gil Bates Net Worth

The reality of the television personality has been appreciated net value of $ 1 million.

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