Ganglands: Who is Aron Keto? Age of family and society

Arun Ketu is a newcomer in the film industry; Hence, fans are curious to know everything about him.

Aron Keto is a French actor who started in the game industry in 2021. He is also a fashion model and is affiliated with Tredici 13.

The actor participated in the Netflix series “Ganglands” alongside Sami Buajila, Tracy Gutoas, Nabiha Akari and others.

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How old is a keto closet? Family and society were investigated

Aron Keto is a passionate actor from France who is making his way in the entertainment industry.

He was just featured in the series, “Ganglands”. He is a rookie in the industry. Therefore, it is expected that he does not have many projects in hand at the moment.

However, with his hard work and dedication, he will make a positive mark and be approached by well-known producers and directors again.

Since it just started, there is not much information about it. Moreover, he has not revealed any personal information in events or interviews so far.

Keto cabinet in Braqueurs photos (source: Instagram)

From his Instagram handle, we found out that he is a fun-loving and outgoing person. He likes to travel and spend quality time with his friends.

Aron often updates fun photos with his friends. But, he kept his parents out of the public eye and kept their privacy.

Although they are off social media, there is no doubt that they are proud and supportive parents.

Parents are the source of inspiration, and Keto’s parents are no exception.

Speaking of Aron’s age, there is no record of his birthday; However, from his appearance, he appears to be in his early twenties.

As for his relationship status, there is no indication that he is dating anyone. The actor has not revealed the information or any pictures on his social media depicting his love life.

So, it’s safe to say that Kto is single and not romantically involved as of 2023.

Aron Keto in Ganglands

2021 was one of the biggest and best years in TV docs.

Netflix viewers watched Shadow and Bone, Squid Game, the final season of Money Heist in 2021 and more.

On September 24, 2021, Netflix released Ganglands directed by Julien Leclerc. This is the latest project of the French director with high quality crime dramas.

Keto closet
Aron Keto at the premiere of Braqueurs (source: Instagram)

Ganglands is the package of all the best elements: heists, turf wars, car chases, etc. The series is the adaptation of the 2015 film Braqueurs consisting of 6 episodes.

Sami Buajila plays the role of the leader of the heist in both the film and television versions.

The story revolves around Mehdi, a licensed thief, and Liana, an apprentice thief. They team up together after getting caught up in a turf war between drug dealers to save their loved ones.

Actor Arun Keto is in a supporting role playing the character named “Nahl”. He played a significant role that showcased his acting talent and skill.

His debut TV series Ganglands exemplifies what he does best, and he’ll be coming up with bigger projects in the coming years.

How much is Aron Keto’s net worth?

Since the actor only appears in one series, he does not have an impressive net worth as of now.

But there is no doubt that his net worth will increase in the future with his passionate game and dedication.

Keto closet
Aron Keto with the actors of Braqueurs (source: Instagram)

As his debut series was a huge hit, it caught the attention of the public as well as other film productions in the industry.

Therefore, bigger projects and opportunities are on the horizon. Soon, he will rise to fame and popularity, eventually resulting in a skyrocketing net worth.

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