Former p-rn star Brittni De La Mora becomes a preacher

Former p-rn star Brittni De La Mora becomes a preacher

P-rn star who once made $30,000 a MONTH quits her lucrative job to become a PREACHER, after adult film work leads her to heroin addiction and leaves her suicidal

A Californian woman who was once one of the world’s most successful p-rn stars has started a new life as a pastor.

Brittni De La Mora and her husband Richard, both 31, preach the gospel at Cornerstone Church in San Diego, but six years ago Brittni’s life was very different.

“There was a period in the p-rn industry where I was making a lot of money. When I started, I was making about $30,000 a month, because I worked every day,” she said.

“I had a brand new Mercedes and every new Louis Vuitton handbag, Christian Louboutin heels… I really played the part.”

Brittni, who performed under the stage name Jenna Presley, has featured in around 300 adult videos, but cameras failed to capture the hustle and bustle of her personal life.

“I was struggling to pay my rent because I had a really bad drug addiction. I would spend thousands and thousands of dollars a week on medication,” she said.

“I started with cocaine, but eventually battled a heroin addiction.”

Brittni had her first taste of the sex industry at just 16, when she traveled to Mexico for a night out with friends.

“I felt rejected when I was a child and teenager, in my homes there was a lot of chaos and animosity, so I started looking for love and acceptance in all the wrong places,” said- she recounted.

“When my friend said he was going out to a club, I went with him and ended up getting drunk.

“It was my first experience at a strip club. I had blonde hair and braces and they just put me on stage that night.

Brittni started stripping to pay for college and was recruited by two p-rn producers who said they made “love movies” and that she was destined to be a star.

“I was naive but I wasn’t that naive, I knew they were talking about p-rn movies. I got accepted to be represented by a top agency and decided to become a full-time p-rn star and dropped out of college,’ she said.

Two months later, Brittni caught gonorrhea and began to strongly dislike the job she was doing.

“I ended up using drugs because there was a director who told me I was fat and needed to lose weight. I was around 105 pounds. I was devastated.

“About a year ago I was discharged from the hospital with anorexia, so that was a huge trigger for me,” she said.

Brittni asked a particularly thin model how she maintained her weight, and she was told about snorting cocaine and taking crystal meth. Brittni tried cocaine and was instantly addicted.

“I had more energy,” she said. “I could play the scenes without even thinking about the repercussions. It gave me this false sense of happiness.

“I thought I was happy while I was doing it, but by the time I was going down I wasn’t happy anymore so I had to do another line.”

While she was ranked as one of the hottest p-rn stars in the world, Brittni’s lifestyle left her struggling with a heroin addiction and suffering from frequent suicidal thoughts, until the day she knew that if she didn’t call her grandmother to help her, she would. take his own life.

Brittni’s grandmother picked her up from where she lived in Los Angeles and took her to her home in San Diego.

With her grandmother’s encouragement, Brittni started going to church and embarked on the long road to getting clean and starting a new life, quitting the p-rn industry in 2012.

Brittni began attending Cornerstone Church, where pastor Richard De La Mora preached, and within a year fell in love with him.

The couple married in 2016 and together they now lead young adult ministry at their church. Brittni also attends p-rn conventions to speak with interpreters of Bible teachings and works in real estate.

“I am beyond proud of my wife’s transformation,” said Richard. “It just touches me because there was a woman who was once lost and now she is found.”

The couple have written two relationship books together, which are due out later this year.

“I’m a real estate agent now and I earn as much as I do in the p-rn industry and I don’t have to strip so I’m a lot happier now,” Brittni said.

“I say I live life with no regrets. If I had never entered the p-rn industry, I wouldn’t have had to do all the amazing things I do now.

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