Florence Pugh opens up about feeling uneasy during intim-te scene

Florence Pugh has been open about her experience filming intimate scenes in her films. In an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Pugh discussed her role in the movie “Lady Macbeth,” in which she plays a young woman trapped in a loveless marriage who embarks on a forbidden romance.

Pugh explained that she was initially nervous about the film’s intimate scenes, but found her costar, Cosmo Jarvis, made her feel comfortable and safe. “I think it was just the fact that I trusted him so much, and he trusted me, that made it a lot easier,” she said.

Pugh also praised the film’s director, William Oldroyd, for creating a safe and respectful environment on set. “He was very aware of how I felt and always made sure I was okay,” she said. “He made sure we were always in control of the scene and it was always our decision.”

Despite his initial nerves, Pugh found that the intimate scenes ultimately added depth and complexity to his character’s story. “I think they were crucial for the movie,” she said. “They were essential to the character’s arc and his journey.”

In another example of her experience filming intimate scenes, Pugh said she had to go through a lot of preparation, both physically and mentally. In an interview with Elle UK, she said: “I always try to prepare myself as much as possible. I always have a lot of conversations with the people I’m going to do these scenes with and the director, to make sure that everything everyone is on the same page. It’s a delicate situation, so it’s important that everyone is comfortable and happy.”

Pugh also added that it’s important for her to have trust and chemistry with her co-stars, so the scenes feel authentic and not forced. “It’s not just about the physical aspect,” she said. “It’s also about the emotional aspect. And it’s important that you’re with someone you have a good relationship with, so you can create something real.”

Although Pugh may have initially felt nervous about shooting intimate scenes, she eventually found that they were an important and valuable aspect of her roles and that she was able to create safe environments. and comfortable on set with the help of her co-stars. and directors.


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