Florence Pugh Challenges Hollywood’s Body Image Standards

Women in the entertainment industry are constantly judged for how well they take care of their skin, hair, body, and makeup.

Unfortunately, these judgments are often based on unrealistic and harmful beauty standards imposed by the male gaze. But there are strong, inspiring voices in the industry that refuse to live up to those expectations. Selena Gomez and Florence Pugh, for example, spoke about body image and female empowerment.

In her recent interview with Vogue, Pugh revealed that she’s always been passionate about advocating for body positivity. She recognized that body image is a major issue for women, starting at a young age when their bodies begin to change.

Pugh shared that she was surprised to find that prominent Hollywood executives expected her to follow strict diets, despite her love of food. But she refused to comply and defended herself.

Pugh’s bold stance is a refreshing departure from the norm in the entertainment industry. She shamelessly declares her love for food and encourages all girls to embrace their unique beauty. Her lyrics remind us that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

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