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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, who chose to step down from their royal duties in 2020, are reportedly facing challenges in both their relationship and professional lives. Commentator Kinsey Scoffield, in a conversation with GB News, suggested that the couple’s career setbacks are affecting their personal lives. Scoffield noted that the stress of their professional endeavors often spills over into their home life, with Meghan reportedly expressing a desire for Harry to take a more active role in their Hollywood projects.

According to Scoffield, Meghan is feeling career pressure and wants Harry to become more involved in networking and working in Hollywood. Sources say this year holds special significance for the couple and Meghan wants Harry to contribute more actively as she has been mostly handling networking responsibilities, which has led to several deals being struck.

An anonymous source revealed in a blind post that Meghan had encouraged Harry to take a lead role in a new film alongside Kate Hudson. However, insiders note that Harry might have difficulty securing even a supporting role due to the competitive landscape. In a recent interview, Kate Hudson highlighted the challenges of finding male leads for romantic comedies, especially as the genre has moved to streaming platforms. Hudson expressed the difficulty of finding male film stars for romantic comedies and suggested diversifying the pool by bringing in actors from other genres, such as Marvel.

Meanwhile, body language expert Darren Stanton observed that Meghan appeared tense and frustrated when she was with Prince Harry. Stanton noted that although Harry has shown emotional development over the past year, Meghan seems tense and frustrated. He suggested that Meghan sometimes tries to present herself as very happy, but her frustration becomes evident, whether it is directed at Harry or herself. The expert also pointed out that Meghan and Harry appeared to be struggling to establish separate identities and navigate their respective career paths.

Regarding their public image, PR guru Ryan McCormack believes Meghan and Harry need to relax and make fun of themselves to regain popularity. McCormack suggests that if they could familiarize themselves with self-deprecating humor and even allow themselves to be roasted, it could greatly improve their public image. Speaking exclusively to the Mirror, he added that if ex-royals started visiting deprived countries and engaging in practical work to help those in need, it would show they are capable of having a positive impact on the world. The news comes as a source revealed Harry is working on some exciting new projects as they plan a successful 2024.


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