Eric Roberts’ drug addiction distanced him from his sister Julia for several years

A few years ago, Eric Roberts’ relationship with his actress sister, Julia Roberts, was very strained. The actor did his best to share details about this difficult time in an interview.

“Inherent Vice” star Eric Roberts explicitly detailed his troubled phase when speaking to “Vanity Fair.”

He said his substance use indirectly caused Julia, who is also a world-famous entertainer, to walk away. He mentioned that the addiction had progressed a lot, which must have been very overwhelming for his little sister.


“Everyone in my world needed a break sometimes, and that had to include Julia,” Eric confesses. This meant that not only did Julia hate her debilitating habits, but the entire Roberts family expressed great disapproval at the time.

He explained that since they were a close-knit family, they always tried to protect each other as best they could, but even that couldn’t keep them together at the time.

His addiction quickly became a source of tension in the family, and although aware of it, the handsome actor explained that he still had a lot of trouble stopping.

Eric said, “The hardest person to protect yourself from is yourself.”

Things got out of hand when the 63-year-old star revealed that Julia had left him. In 1993, the brothers fell out when the award-winning actress supported Eric’s former love Kelly Cunningham in a custody battle over her only child.


After the nasty incident, the pair remained disconnected, introducing themselves as “distant” siblings. The closure came a decade later, when Julia gave birth to her twin sons.

Eric took the first step, choosing to meet the new mom at the hospital. He described the momentous moment, he said he was surrounded by “uncle and brotherly love”. Since then, the two men have maintained a romantic relationship and even frequently spend holidays together.

Eric, who made his acting debut in ‘King of the Gypsies’, can be considered a veteran of the film industry, with a career spanning over forty years! Eric’s family is a talented bunch; His sisters Julia Roberts, Lisa Roberts Gillan and daughter Emma Roberts are also notable figures in the film industry.

During the interview, Eric proudly mentioned that without him, “there wouldn’t be Julia Roberts or Emma Roberts.” He also went on to say that he was very proud to be the first to be nominated for Golden Globes and Oscars.


Rafael Amaya is a renowned actor who starred in the Telemundo series “El Señor de los Cielos”, which led him to stardom. He is still recognized today in the streets by the famous nickname of his character.

But currently, according to a source very close to the actor for TVNotas magazine, he would be immersed in drugs and alcohol. Apparently, this addiction was the trigger for the producer to remove him from the bestselling novel, in addition to his despotic and conceited attitude.

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