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Emma Watson is overrated

I know that an article that starts with this title is going to give me a lot of haters. But I don’t care. Emma Watson is as overrated as Chiquito de la Calzada, paella or jazz. Yes, she added fuel to the fire.

Talk about Emma watson is to refer to a childhood icon of all the current twenty years. Hermione Granger, Harry Potter’s adventure partner, was Watson’s alter ego for ten years. With her he started his film career in 2001 and with her it was about to end in 2011. Over the past five years, and once the girl-to-woman transformation is complete, the films he has been involved in were few in number and of questioned quality.

Saving the wonderful The Perks of Being a Wallflower and Colonia, among his other projects are listed failures such as The Bling Ring, Noah or Regression. If Watson sat down with her agent and did some soul-searching, she might see that independent or lesser-named productions fare better than others with higher expectations. Because these three aforementioned hits are signed by Sofia Coppola, Darren Aranofsky and Alejandro Amenábar and their budgets weren’t slim. Or, perhaps, its focus leaves a lot to be desired. Recently, it was revealed that the top pick for the hit La La Land, instead of Emma Stone, was Emma Watson, but she preferred the Beauty and the Beast project. Facial palm.

But who knows, Emma watson may not care about all of this. She continues to be an icon for many, many people. Erected as a great defender of feminism and named UN Ambassador, she continues to be on the agenda on Twitter, whether in the form of a Harrypottérien GIF or through praise of her beauty. She may not have such a desire to relaunch her film career.

Put to compare, because what would life be without comparison ?, and taking an element as unscientific as her first name, Emma Stone and Emma Roberts are light years away from Emma Watson. I’m not going to go into the physical plane because it’s very subjective, although for me they are also a cut above, but their careers have undergone the opposite evolution.

Emma Watson is overrated

Emma Pierre, who is only two years older than Watson, has just won the Golden Globe and already has two Oscar nominations (Birdman and La La Land); She has participated in many successful projects, whether blockbusters or cult films; She is seen on talk shows and red carpets with utter naturalness, competing with Jennifer Lawrence for the most homely, folkloric actress in Hollywood, and she is much more successful choosing projects. .

Emma Roberts, for her part, had the focus on her since she told home that she wanted to be an actress. Daughter of Eric Roberts and niece of Julia, the Pretty Woman par excellence, Emma has built her journey step by step. Small roles in little-known films have led to others in more visible projections (We are the Millers) and have opened the door to an alternative path that, every day, more and more actors take: series. American Horror Story and Scream Queens put Emma Roberts on the front lines. And she, delighted. In 2016, she released Nerve, a film with Dave Franco, and is already working on two new titles. At 25, she once left the niece of the American girlfriend.

It wouldn’t hurt Emma Watson to follow her namesake’s path. In the spring, she will have a new opportunity with the adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. The lead role in the Disney classic fits him like a glove. Hopefully everything else is up to the task. Otherwise, The Circle will also be released next year, where it will share the screen with Tom Hanks, John Boyega, Patton Oswalt and Bill Paxton.

2017 may be the year this article is refuted or, on the contrary, it may be more than a wake-up call for Emma Watson to rethink her future. Be the eternal Hermione or aspire for something more.

Emma Watson is overrated

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