Earl Spencer Bans Meghan Markle from Althorp House Amidst Insane Demands; Estate Belongs to His Son

Rumors are circulating of a clash between Earl Spencer and Meghan Markle over ownership of the Althorp House estate. Meghan demanded possession of the estate for her son, which caused tension between the two parties.

This news comes after Harry and Meghan were asked to leave Frogmore Cottage. Earl Spencer, who announced that the estate would be open to the public for the summer season, said it was the family home of Lady Diana Spencer.

Each year, the grand estate invites visitors to explore its stunning interiors, with an impressive collection of furniture, paintings and ceramics. Upon hearing the announcement, Meghan Markle expressed her interest in arranging a secret meeting with Earl Spencer to discuss the possibility of giving the property to the Sussexes. However, this ambitious request was refused, leaving Meghan disappointed.

Lewis Frederick John Spencer, Viscount Althorp, is the nephew of the late Princess Diana and is expected to inherit the estate. Lewis has been praised for looking like his cousin Prince Harry. The primogeniture rules, a historic rule that favors male heirs, still apply to the Spencer family, meaning Lewis will inherit the title.

Previously, there was speculation that Harry and Meghan might adopt the Spencer name to align with Princess Diana’s legacy. However, it was revealed that Meghan wanted to be officially adopted into the Spencer family, a proposal which Earl Spencer rejected. Concerns have been raised over Meghan’s potential exploitation of the Spencer stock for financial gain.

To add to the controversy, Meghan Markle has been accused of stealing jewels from the royal family on several occasions. She was accused of taking items without permission, which further strained relations within the Spencer family and the royal circle. These recent revelations have raised questions about Meghan’s intentions and actions, with some suggesting she may be leveraging her association with the Spencer name for financial opportunities.”

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