Duchess Meghan’s Transparent Skirt Goes Unnoticed in New Zealan

The Duchess of Sussex, Meghan, recently had a fashion incident during her royal tour with Prince Harry in New Zealand.

Despite wearing an elegant Givenchy ensemble consisting of a pleated blue midi skirt and matching sweater, the Duchess had an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction.

Her skirt was much more transparent than she thought, which produced a see-through effect that exposed her underwear. Although this incident went unnoticed by anyone, it was the second style incident for the Duchess during her tour of Australia and the South Pacific.

Duchess Meghan's see-through skirt goes unnoticed in New Zealand

Earlier, she had left the tag on her Self-Portrait dress, which was seen hanging below the hem in Tonga.

Many women can relate to Meghan’s fashion faux pas, as it can be easy to overlook such incidents, especially in poorly lit rooms.

Duchess Meghan's see-through skirt goes unnoticed in New Zealand

It should be noted that Meghan does not have a full-time stylist in her royal entourage but chooses her outfits and consults with her close friend and stylist Jessica Mulroney, who accompanied her on this tour.

Despite the occasional wardrobe malfunction, Meghan has generally been praised for her stunning royal tour wardrobe, and we can only expect more fabulous fashion choices in the future.

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