Dismissing It as a PR Stunt

It is important to clarify that Kate’s assistant has strongly denied any apology to Meghan, calling it a simple PR stunt orchestrated by Meghan’s camp. This caused quite a stir among palace staff and royal fans. Rumors began swirling when Meghan’s team claimed that Princess Katherine had contacted Meghan Markle in an attempt to reconcile. This alleged contact follows the publication of the Dutch version of Omid Scobie’s book “Endgame”, which sparked controversy.

According to a report from InTouch Weekly, Meghan’s spokesperson claimed that following the allegations in “Endgame,” King Charles, concerned about the escalating feud, asked Princess Kate to come in in contact with the California-based royal family to mend fences. The spokesperson explained that Charles was keen to bridge the gap, as it was beginning to overshadow his reign and the entire monarchy. His hope was to provide a solution, especially since William apparently wasn’t talking to Harry.

However, the book highlighted that Kate had avoided discussing the issue with her sister-in-law, having felt a loss of confidence due to the numerous interviews and statements made. Nonetheless, Kate made the call and it was revealed that this conversation had been going on for four years. Undoubtedly, this was not an easy step to take, given concerns about the possibility of private conversations being leaked. Nonetheless, Kate’s kind words had a profound impact and both parties became very emotional during the exchange. Eventually, they reluctantly agreed to a truce.

Despite these reports, some people are skeptical, dismissing them as Megan’s PR strategy. One royal fan commented that Harry and Meghan may only be seeking to restore their image and could turn against the family again once they are back in favor, driven by financial interests.

Another royal fan expressed doubts about the sisters-in-law’s reconciliation, highlighting their differences as a potential obstacle. They noted that King Charles might have encouraged Kate to reach out, but that genuine affection between the two might be difficult to achieve.

Regarding the reported call, some have questioned its authenticity, suggesting it may have been recorded. Others were curious if Meghan herself would apologize to anyone, given the ongoing controversies.

In response to these speculations and discussions, Princess Kate’s assistant Natalie Barrows made it clear that no such call to Meghan Markle ever took place. The message being conveyed is that Kate is not interested in engaging in what some perceive to be Meghan’s tactics.

Meanwhile, the Prince and Princess of Wales, along with their son Prince George, have been busy fulfilling their responsibilities, including royal commitments and caring for their children. This busy schedule further supports the idea that the alleged phone call to Meghan is unlikely to have taken place.

On a related note, reports indicate that Meghan had previously refused help from Sophie or the Countess of Wessex, insisting that only Catherine could fulfill the role of personal advisor. This suggests a strong fixation on Princess Catherine.

Notably, Meghan recently said that her son Archie had learned photography, and some speculate that this new interest may have been influenced by the Princess of Wales, who is known for her exceptional photography skills.


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