Director David Wiseman Exposes Prince Harry’s Rogue Move as Meghan Markle Faces Consequences

Invictus director David Wiseman recently spoke about Meghan Markle’s possible fallout over Prince Harry’s unusual action at the Invictus Games. Wiseman, director of the Invictus Games Foundation and close friend of Prince Harry, described how Harry adopted a new strategy during the game’s premiere.

The Duke of Sussex, according to Wiseman, had a different schedule in mind for the Invictus Games. Harry’s trip to the Warrior Games in 2013 served as inspiration for this strategy. The time period Harry had in mind was not entirely known to Wiseman and the team at the time.

In Wiseman’s words: “We didn’t really realize the timeline he had in mind, knowing it was May 2013. We went back to the Warrior Games that afternoon and he took the stage on the podium. was written into his speech to say, “Look, we’d like to do this. » I think he added his own note saying, “Next year.” We have become thugs. We were like, “What? Next year. »”

For a considerable period, there were only three or four of them running the Invictus Foundation, overseeing this ambitious project. They managed to get it up and running in September 2014 and the event took place at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. It was a close game, but they made it.

Wiseman also shared his experience of being in the United States with Prince Harry during the Warrior Games, emphasizing that it was not a formal meeting. During a casual chat at breakfast, Harry expressed his enthusiasm for what they had witnessed. He proposed the idea of ​​internationalizing the concept, inviting allies and nations from around the world, hosting it at the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and ensuring it received wide coverage, including its broadcast on the BBC. It was at this point that the grand vision of the Invictus Games began to take shape.

While Harry’s commitment to creating an international platform for veterans was obvious, things have taken a different turn since Meghan Markle’s involvement. Wiseman mentioned the influx of emails from fans concerned about the reputation of the Invictus Foundation after the Invictus Games Germany 2020. Some even called for Harry to be removed from his role. However, this decision is not easy due to the instrumental role he played in its creation. The board is currently considering a plan that would give her another chance, but on the condition that Meghan Markle no longer attends any events.

The heart of the problem lies in the couple’s approach. Rather than showing their commitment to veterans, they were criticized for their apparent attention to their own image. For example, if they had watched their own documentary, “Heart of Invictus,” they would have had many inspiring veteran stories to share in their speeches. Instead of talking about unrelated topics, like milkshakes, they could have celebrated veterans who overcame adversity to participate in Invictus. Choosing to wear Invictus gear and blending in as fans and workers would have demonstrated their genuine care for veterans at the games.

Additionally, by walking behind the marching veterans, they could have shown their deep respect for those who have sacrificed so much in the ongoing struggle for democracy. Actively engaging in games rather than focusing on the cameras would have demonstrated their genuine interest in the teams. The key was to maintain professionalism throughout, reflecting their dedication to representing Invictus. Unfortunately, their actions sometimes gave the impression that they saw themselves as special guests rather than dedicated advocates for the cause. It’s a lesson they seem to take a while to learn.


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