Did Selena Gomez have her breasts done? Plastic surgeons say yes!

Specialists assure that the young star does indeed have breast implants.

When Selena Gomez stepped out at a bar in New York last Wednesday, she certainly got a lot of looks with that curvaceous figure – and now plastic surgeons have spoken and dare say it definitely shows she’s had a makeover the eyes. boobs!

Gomez has always looked good in all shapes and sizes, but apparently she wanted a little more. Hollywood Life spoke to three different surgeons and they all said it looks like she did go under the knife…

“Selena looks like she’s had breast augmentation. The breasts look fuller and you can see the outline of the top of the implant. They tend to sit high on the chest wall during the post-op period. My impression of the photo is that he had the operation relatively recently,” said Dr. Jonathan Shifren of WAVE Plastic Surgery Center in Los Angeles.

The suspicion arose when she was in New York in a black braless top, exposing her nipples.

“Without having done the surgery yourself, it is difficult to determine the exact size of the implants, but based on the before and after photos, it is very likely that the implants are around 300 to 325 cc (one ‘ cup C’ parfait),” said Austin, Texas-based plastic surgeon Dr. Jennifer Walden.

“The right breast is a clear example (of breast surgery),” said New York plastic surgeon Dr. Steve Fallek. “It’s too full and shapely on top, which can only happen with an implant. It’s also notable because she’s not wearing a bra that supports her breasts, and she still has the looks perfect,” he added.

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