Danish Prince Joachim Confirms KC Exiles Prince Harry Permanently, Denying Him Kingship

Queen Margaret of Denmark made an announcement on December 31, revealing her decision to step down as the country’s monarch and pass the reins to her son, Crown Prince Frederick. In the week that followed, speculation arose that King Charles might follow suit, leading Harry and Meghan to fear that Prince William could soon ascend to the throne, which could hamper their plans. Recent reports suggest that Prince George, the future king’s younger brother, has taken steps seen as a warning message to Harry about his future.

This Sunday marks a historic day in Danish royal history as Crown Prince Frederick ascends the throne after 52 years of Queen Margarite’s reign. Some members of the royal family will, however, be absent from the occasion. Prince Joachim, the younger brother of the future king, will be present to support his siblings but without his wife, Princess Marie, nor their children. A press release from the Royal Palace press office specifies that Marie will remain in Washington, where the couple now resides, while Prince Joachim will be attached to the Ministry of Defense. The spokesperson confirmed that Joachim’s children will not be present due to school commitments, adding that Joachim will leave the country the following day.

Tensions within the family became evident when Queen Margarite decided to strip Joachim’s children of their HRH titles at the end of 2022, instead making them Count and Countess of MAA, a change effective since the start of last year. Joachim has openly expressed his disapproval of his mother’s decision, echoing the feelings Harry felt when he experienced a reduction in his privileges upon moving to the United States with Meghan.

There have been rumors that Prince Joachim has feelings for his brother’s wife, Princess Mary, as a possible reason for his family’s move to the United States, reminiscent of Harry’s admiration for Catherine . If Prince William ascends the throne, there is uncertainty over whether Harry will be invited to William’s coronation, with potential complications arising from Meghan’s alleged discomfort with seeing Kate wear a crown.

In light of Queen Margarite’s abdication in Denmark, it has been suggested that Charles pass the crown to Prince William. Royal author Phil Dampier has raised this possibility, wondering whether, in the next 5 or 10 years, King Charles might consider doing the same if his health deteriorates or whether it seems appropriate to pass on William and Kate as They are still young.

Additionally, some reports indicate that Prince Harry may return to the UK next month, sparking thoughts from Meghan about her feelings towards Britain. Astrology and zodiac expert Julian Venables, known as the London Astrologer, analyzed Harry’s chart and speculated that the Duke of Sussex could make a comeback in the first two weeks of February. Venables suggested the return could make Meghan reconsider her feelings about the country, highlighting Harry’s typically English nature and potential homesickness. For Meghan, the first Saturn Peak will occur on February 17, when inhibitions or repressions might come to the forefront.

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