Critics Say ‘Know Your Place, Fool!’

The claim that Meghan and Harry didn't need permission from anyone, least of all Queen Elizabeth, to name their child Lilibet. Now, I am not an expert in royal etiquette, but it seems quite bold to me to suggest that the Queen, head of the monarchy, be excluded from such an important decision, especially when the name in question has sentimental value for her . But hey, who needs tradition and respect when you're breaking barriers, right? Now the real kicker comes from the fans who, seemingly with a straight face, declare that Meghan and Harry are the most popular and successful Royals in history.

Forgive me for being a little skeptical, but last time I checked the history is quite long and the royal family has seen its fair share of iconic figures. Are we seriously suggesting that Meghan and Harry, in their relatively short time in the spotlight, have surpassed the impact of centuries of royal lineage? This is a bold statement to say the least. And then, the piece de resistance: the demand for a Nobel Peace Prize and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Correct me if I'm wrong, but the Nobel Peace Prize is usually awarded for significant contributions to peace, not for high-profile interviews and a flashy lifestyle. As for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, last time I checked, Meghan and Harry weren't exactly known for their musical prowess or their groundbreaking contributions to the world of rock and roll. But hey, who needs qualifications when you're rewriting the rules, right?

One fan defends the couple, saying: “Lilibet is so cute; they're parents so they have the right to name their child.” Of course, they have the right to name their child, but it's the context and use of a deeply personal and historical family nickname that has sparked controversy. It is not about the right to name but about the sensitivity and respect that surrounds this choice.

As we navigate this surreal narrative, it is crucial to maintain a sense of reality. Meghan and Harry, while undoubtedly public figures, are not immune to scrutiny. Their actions, choices and public statements are subject to criticism. The idea of ​​a Nobel Peace Prize and induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame seems far-fetched, to say the least. But who knows? In this unpredictable world, strange things have happened.

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