Courteney Cox’s Biggest Beauty Regret: Fillers

During a recent appearance on the Gloss Angeles Beauty Podcast, Courteney Cox, best known for her role on the hit TV show Friends, opened up about her experience with cosmetic fillers, calling them “the biggest beauty regret.” Asked about a beauty technique that she now regrets, the actress did not hesitate to cite fillers.

Courteney opened up about why she regrets taking the fillers, candidly explaining that it’s a “domino effect” where you don’t realize you look a little off, so you just keep getting more. She said: “You look in the mirror and say, ‘That looks good. You think, and you don’t realize, what it looks like to the outside person.”

The Scream actress went on to share that she regrets doing too many fillers and having to have them removed, although she expressed her gratitude that they are removable. She also regrets thinking she was aging when she was very young, calling it a “disappointment” and a “waste of time”.

Courteney revealed that she even wanted to post a “before and after” photo on Instagram to show her past use of fillers, but her publicist banned it. She shared that looking at pictures of herself after having fillers, she couldn’t believe what she looked like.

Last year, Courteney shared that she had stopped using injectables after realizing they were making her “strange”. She said people would talk about her, and she had to stop.

Courteney is currently promoting the sixth installment of the Scream franchise, where she’s reprising her role as Gale Weathers. Although she is the only original cast member to return for the final film, she is joined by Hayden Panettiere, who previously appeared in Scream 4.


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