Christina Hendricks hurts fingers during film shoot

Actress Christina Hendricks has been left with badly bruised fingers after having to master a knife throwing stunt for new comedy ‘Fist Fight’.

The former ‘Mad Men’ star portrays a teacher with a dark personality in the film, and one scene required her to show off her secret knife skills to another staff member, played by Ice Cube.

Christina expected to pull off the move with a small folding blade, but freaked out when she realized the prop producers actually had in mind that she was much taller than she was. conceived,

“I had bruises on my fingers because I knew I was supposed to have a knife, but I thought it would be a switchblade,” she said in ‘Today’.

“And they (the producers) were like, ‘That’s a butterfly knife,’ and I was like, ‘I don’t know how to do that!’ So I sat there in my trailer hour after hour and (practiced before filming).

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