Carson Daly Exposes Meghan Markle’s Staged Hugs, Alleges Laughter at Parents’ Tragic Stories of Loss

Carson Daly recently revealed one of Megan Markle’s secrets, shedding light on her penchant for orchestrating situations to gain publicity. Megan Markle, known for her propensity to control storylines, has been accused of organizing events to create media opportunities.

For example, some claim she staged a high-profile car chase in New York. “The Voice” host Carson Daly has now opened up about Megan orchestrating hugs during her tenure as Archewell Summit moderator.

While moderating a discussion with Megan and Prince Harry at the recent Archewell Foundation Summit in New York, Carson Daly admitted he was struggling with the intricacies of royal protocol. Not knowing whether to follow traditional royal rules, such as curtsying or hugging, he found himself in an interesting position.

Megan took charge, directing Carson’s actions and asking him to embrace her with a warm hug. However, it should be noted that she is not a member of the royal family and therefore conventional royal rules do not strictly apply to her. Megan herself has spoken about the challenges she has faced adhering to royal protocol since joining the royal family when she began dating Harry in 2017. In the documentary series “Harry and Megan”, she mentioned, “Joining this family, I knew there was a protocol for how things were done.

During the summit, observers noticed a rapid change in Megan’s behavior when the camera was not focused on her. After appearing visibly upset while listening to heartfelt stories, she quickly regained her composure and flashed a bright smile. Carson Daly is one person baffled by this sudden transformation.

Criticism was raised regarding Megan’s behavior, particularly her frequent use of words like “me”, “myself” and “I” throughout her speech, which some participants found off-putting. A video from the event shared on TikTok captured a moment where the Sussexes greeted guests. After Megan spoke to a woman, a man approached Harry to shake his hand. Megan, however, spontaneously intervened and replaced the handshake with a hug, leaving Harry in an awkward position.

Body language expert Judy James noted that public choreography can be a challenge for Royals, requiring meticulous coordination. With their non-royal status, Harry and Megan seem more sensitive to minor choreographic missteps. In this case, Megan’s impromptu gesture caused Harry to adjust his actions, inadvertently turning a handshake into an awkward interaction.

Judy explained: “Megan actively hugged a woman, but the next guy goes to shake Harry’s hand. Somehow, Megan spontaneously walks over for a hug around the same time , letting Harry move his gesture to something else, rubbing his nose and looking slightly uncomfortable in the process.”


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