Carrie Underwood’s Fishing Photo Unintentionally Stirs Up Controversy

Carrie Underwood is iconic for many reasons, but we at Outsider admire her for her love of fishing and the outdoors, as well as her stellar music career and dedication to a healthy lifestyle. However, the singer is unwittingly facing controversy after her latest fishing trip — and no, it’s not that she was freshwater fishing in a bikini.

Like many country artists do, Underwood clearly enjoys spending some of his free time fishing on the lake and soaking up some sun in between. However, animal rights activists took to boring Underwood after his latest fishing spree in the comments on his Instagram post. Some called her cruel and directly said she should set a better example. Others wrote blatantly that they had lost all respect for the country’s megastar.

On the other hand, other commentators have stated that they take issue with the journey due to its capture and release nature, which the artist has made clear. This, in a way, stands in stark contrast to the way animal rights activists advocate for other animals. Basically, they’d rather have the country artist keep them and cook them. Nonetheless, Underwood chose not to engage, and we applaud him for his patience and respect for his self-worth.

Carrie Underwood and her husband Mike Fisher are an avid fishing couple

In a previous Outsider article, we got a little insight into Underwood’s sweet and bubbly personality. And if you’re itching to find out, don’t hesitate to click here. Despite the negative comments filling her post about her fishing trip adventure, Underwood was proud to show off her swag. She further clarified that she and her husband were only participating on a catch and release basis. Underwood fans complimented her hard-earned abs and her adorable zebra print bikini in addition to the fish she rolled up. All of this, by the way, gradually got bigger as she rolled up. Why doesn’t it work like that for us regular foreigners?

Carrie Underwood's Fishing Photo Unwittingly Sparks Controversy

However, in one of the photos, we see Underwood’s husband. Mike Fisher, father of two alongside Underwood, is also an avid fisherman. In a previous social media post, Fisher shared that he and his wife love fly fishing together. However, he admitted that he doesn’t like the way Carrie usually gets bigger catches than him. Alas, to be overtaken by the country megastar.

In addition to bass fishing and fly fishing, the former NHL player recently shared a video on how “noodlin,” or hand fishing for hillbilly, is done. We can’t imagine Underwood herself jamming her hand under a log and waiting for a catfish nibble. But it seems Fisher has a unique take on catfishing. Maybe the mother-of-two should give this one a try to avoid further criticism from the animal activist community. After all, there are no hooks in hand fishing.

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