Cara Delevingne’s Rehab Stint After Troubling Images

In a recent interview with Vogue, Cara Delevingne opened up about her mental health and addiction struggles that led her to check into rehab.

She revealed that after a series of disturbing public appearances, the “heartbreaking” images posted by Daily mail Last year, she faced reality, leading her to reflect on her struggle with drug addiction and mental health issues.

The model explained that she lied to herself about her health and wasn’t ready to tackle her demons until she fell into a “wrong place”. She revealed that she hadn’t seen a therapist in three years and pushed everyone away, which made her realize how much she was in pain.

Disturbing footage of Cara from September last year showed her nervous and anxious outside Van Nuys airport, walking around with dirty socks and no shoes on. The photographs raised concerns among her fans for her health, as she appeared with dark, sunken eyes while smoking a pipe on a sort in her car. Despite being two hours late for a private jet flight, she was seen wandering outside while looking tense and unable to stop moving.

Cara’s friends and family visited her during her crisis, which made her realize how much she was loved. She recognized the importance of consistently working on her mental health and addiction, committing to following the 12-step program. Although she’s made peace with the fact that her journey won’t be easy, she struggles with the fact that outsiders don’t understand the complexity of her struggles. Through therapy, she realized she needed to stop pursuing the idea of ​​a “quick fix” to healing and committed to doing deeper work.

Cara Delevingne has been candid about her mental health and addiction struggles, revealing how her mental health has impacted her addiction struggles. She admitted that during the lockdown she fell into a deep depression while on her own after breaking up with then-girlfriend Ashley Benson. She explained that she had a complete existential crisis, as all of her sense of belonging, validation, and identity was enveloped in work, and when that was gone, she felt like she no longer had beginning.

Cara admitted that she was very deep in misery, wallowing and partying, and it was a really sad time. Despite her early successes in modeling, acting and entrepreneurship, Cara’s career was plagued with controversy and scandals, including rumors of drug use and battling depression.

Cara Delevingne's stay in rehab after disturbing images

Cara also opened up about her difficult childhood, with her mother struggling with heroin addiction and bipolar disorder. Cara’s mental health issues began when she was 15 and she engaged in self-harm. She admitted that she had spent years coming to terms with her sexuality, identifying as pansexual.

Cara is now focused on her health and well-being past her 30s and looking to be kinder to herself after doing so much for the approval and love of others. She is currently dating singer Minke and is focusing on her fertility, taking steps to freeze her eggs. Cara is taking each day as it comes and enjoying the next chapter of her life.

Cara Delevingne has revealed that she’s become a lot kinder and kinder to herself, and something has changed for her this year. She shared that she was thrilled to be getting older, although she joked that she might cry on her 30th birthday.

She admitted that her perspective on aging might have changed when she reached the benchmark age. Despite this, she takes each day as it comes and enjoys the new chapter of her life.


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