Camilla’s Stylist in Scandal, Friend Spills Kate Middleton’s Wimbledon Strategy

The focus of the laughter has shifted from the royal ladies to Jackie Mink, Queen Camilla’s stylist. Mink recently relaxed her strict rules about royals wearing blue at the same time as Her Majesty, albeit in different shades. The adjustment comes after initial reservations, reflecting the challenges posed by the Queen’s preference for blue, a hue also favored by Princess Kate Middleton and Duchess Sophie. This hierarchy of preference, with the Queen choosing her outfit for public engagements first, underscores the protocols of the royal wardrobe.

Jackie Mink took over from Angela Kelly as chief stylist after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. Initially known for her strict approach, particularly to the color blue, Mink’s tenure saw a change in tone as she embraced the variety of shades of blue available. The shift eased tensions at Buckingham Palace, turning what was once a point of contention into a source of amusement for palace staff.

In other royal news, a close friend of Princess Kate Middleton has shared her plans as she misses public appearances due to ongoing health treatments. Despite challenges, including a period of chemotherapy, the princess intends to attend the Wimbledon men’s final to present the trophies, demonstrating her commitment to royal duties amid her personal health battles.

Prince William recently supported the England football team in Germany, where he saw his team secure a place in the semi-finals of Euro 2024. His potential presence at the Wimbledon awards ceremony remains uncertain, depending on England’s success in the tournament. However, preparations are underway with contingency plans including discussions about alternative presenters such as Brigetta, Duchess of Gloucester, in case neither Princess Kate Middleton nor Prince William are available.

Princess Kate Middleton’s absence from Wimbledon, if confirmed, raises questions about the atmosphere and tradition of the event, which she has greatly enriched as patron of the club since 2016. Her presence has long been a highlight, adding grace and significance to the ceremony. As discussions continue over possible replacements, the impact of her absence on Wimbledon’s prestige and tradition remains a subject of debate among royal watchers and tennis fans.


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