Britney Picks Michelle Over Meghan Markle for Book Narration, Meghan’s Project Delayed without Prince Harry

The most recent project Meghan had been working on during Harry’s absence took a major turn when Britney Spears chose Michelle Williams to read the audiobook of her highly anticipated memoir. The rights to the memoir were ultimately acquired by Gallery Books, an imprint of Simon and Schuster, after a competitive bidding process involving several publishing houses. On October 24, this highly anticipated memoir will be available in print and audio format.

Britney Spears, who confirmed her memoir in April 2022, initially planned to share her experiences during the conservatorship, including her relationship with her father. However, recent reports suggest that she has chosen not to revisit these experiences. Instead, she handed over the narration of the audiobook to Michelle Williams.

In a statement, Britney shared that her memoir was a labor of love, overflowing with a myriad of emotions. Reliving his past was a real roller coaster, combining excitement, heartbreaking moments and intense emotions. For these reasons, Britney decided to personally narrate only part of her audiobook. She mentioned that a woman from Montedo had offered to speak her memoirs, perhaps referencing a quote from an earlier interview. To clarify, Britney emphasized the need for a narrator with a more appropriate voice and expressed sincere gratitude to Michelle Williams for undertaking the rest of the narration.

Michelle Williams, famous for her role in “Brokeback Mountain,” stood firmly in solidarity with Britney, although she refrained from explicitly naming Meghan Markle. Nonetheless, some sources suggest that Britney’s mention of a “woman in Montedo” is referring to Meghan. This hypothesis draws on Meghan’s previous comment about setting boundaries, which Britney shared.

In April, it was announced that Meghan Markle had signed a new deal with William Morris Endeavor (WME) to improve her public image and secure lucrative new projects. However, six months later, no significant projects have come to fruition and the Sussexes’ reputation remains somewhat tarnished.

Recent reports have exposed internal discussions regarding Meghan’s career direction. Some recommendations leaned toward her shining independently, detached from her association with Harry, while others seemed inconsistent with Harry’s image. The difficulty lies in finding projects that perfectly align with both of their goals.

This situation poses a challenge for Meghan and Harry, as finding perfectly suitable projects has proven to be a difficult task. Meghan’s notoriety is inextricably linked to her association with the royal family, and although she has embarked on a new chapter with WME, there have been obstacles in establishing her own identity and appeal without the royal connection.

WME, known for handling big names like Adele and Ben Affleck, aims to leverage its influence for Meghan’s benefit. However, the dilemma remains as potential projects must strike a delicate balance between Meghan’s aspirations and her connection to Harry.


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